What are the classification (surgical masks Last)

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-25
Now more and more serious, air pollution in big cities fog there almost every day, not only adults need to wear masks, children go out more need to wear masks. Children's respiratory tract and lungs is weak, however, choose the time of mask need to be careful. Protective PM2 either. And can help children feel comfortable, is the best option. However, there are many different kinds of masks on the market at present, a lot of masks are claimed to antivirus, anti fog haze, but the fact investigation on the market many masks are unqualified, PM2 is not effective protection. 5. And medical use of surgical masks does have the ordinary mask incomparable characteristics, it is composed of mask body and tighten belt, which masks face body is divided into inner, middle and outer layer and inner layer for close skin texture, middle to isolate filter layer, the outer antibacterial layer for special material. This highly effective surgical masks hydrophobic permeability is strong, with tiny virus aerosol or harmful dust filtering effect significantly, the overall filtering effect is good, used materials, non-toxic harmless to wear comfortable. Surgical masks, then, what are the categories? Types: (1) common surgical masks for one-time non-woven masks, gauze mask, and antiviral mask 1, one-time non-woven masks, layer number is more than three layers, more to isolate bacteria, dust, and the disposable use, safe and reliable, no secondary infection risk. 2, gauze mask, most have been using the types of masks gauze masks in the field of medical, scientific research fields have a wide range of applications. 3, anti-virus masks, special materials, mainly in the middle add filter layer, the general filter layer using activated carbon felt or melt-blown fabric. Have the effect of sterilization, sterilization.
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