What are the clothing wholesale market in liaoning province

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-03
1. Anshan haicheng nishiyanagi nishiyanagi clothing market clothing wholesale market is located in southern liaoning, liaoning peninsula north, in shenyang, dalian, anshan, yingkou city center. Nishiyanagi clothing market is famous for its distribution mainly clothing, textiles, knitwear national large professional wholesale market, built in 1994 on April 29, November 28, was completed. Market in the first phase covers an area of 80 square, building area of 27. An area of 50000 square meters, with a total investment of 2. 300 million yuan. Twelve areas and a complex business often have booth 9000. Market management clothing, cloth, the more than twenty thousand kinds of goods. Market phase ii project total investment 400 million yuan, construction area of 270000 square meters, increasing 8000 stalls, was put into use in 1996, successively completed, including steel group 2. 500 million yuan to build four business hall of 180000 square meters, it has 6000 booths; Haining company invested 60 million yuan to build the 3 square of finance building and business center, booth 1400. Nishiyanagi clothing boutique pants city is located in the market area on the second floor, covers an area of more than 7000 square meters, more than 300 business archives mouths. City boutique pants to national and international brands in more than 1000, including more than 500 of local brands. Nishiyanagi clothing market was once pants owners in play, to blow nishiyanagi dazzle the wind in the central part, thus nishiyanagi pants high-quality goods city influence can be seen all over the country. Clothing market boutique pants city since it opened in 1994, operating for more than ten years, sales rise year by year, merchants radiation throughout the country, and exported to Europe, Africa and other countries and regions in Asia. 2. Liaoyang nishiyanagi China trade city nishiyanagi China trade city in hebei province by the chamber of commerce and association of Taiwanese businessmen joint investment and development of shaoxing city, zhejiang province, is a key project in haicheng county, liaoning province's investment promotion and capital introduction and revitalizing nishiyanagi large market leading projects. Nishiyanagi trade city of China ( The first stage) Town is located in haicheng county nishiyanagi clothing market the south ( The original nishiyanagi clothing market square location) , nishiyanagi clothing wholesale market in the north, the south town of nishiyanagi overpass across the street, for no. 4 road, east to the west of no. 2, the total area of about 67000 square meters, a total construction area of 21. 60000 square meters. With a total investment of 1 billion yuan, more than 3000 shops. Planning business scope mainly includes the famous textile, clothing, underwear, shoes and hats, home textile, jewelry, craft gifts, eight items and general merchandise, etc. 3. Chaoyang city of chaoyang city group co. , LTD is one of the largest state-owned commercial enterprises western liaoning region. Is located in chaoyang city's bustling commercial center, with a total construction area of 70000 square meters, operating area of 53000 square meters. Existing staff of 2000 people, with fixed assets of 300 million yuan. Company has 12 professional stores and food le palace, swimming pool, bowling alley, tennis club, RouShiJi segmentation processing factory, such as mature vinegar nearly 30 subsidiary, is the collection shopping, catering, entertainment, tourism, service, production and processing is equal to the integration of national sophomore enterprises. Group company subordinates 12 professional market, the main business department, wujinjiaodian, electrical appliances, needles textiles, clothing shoes and hats, children's supplies, furniture, food, cultural supplies, gold and silver jewelry, building materials, etc. Nearly 150000 specifications, designs and varieties of goods. Annual sales of 300 million yuan, accounting for 70% of sales in our region. Clothing store is located in the city on the third floor, occupy a quarter of the main body for the whole floor, integrating women's, men's, trousers city three categories, and focus on the national and even the world has a lot of famous brand, to say the clothing store is a famous brand clothes, modern department store. 4. Wenzhou city commercial city huludao set level wholesale clothing, shoes, leather and catering, entertainment as one, one, three layer brings together many well-known brands at home and abroad clothing boutique and shoe boutique, second and fourth floor gathered around affordable clothing and shoe leather products, five layer is the cluster around the catering food flavor, six-story introduced many high and new technology entertainment and fitness, leisure facilities, will become the city's high-end entertainment club, more than seven layers of the main building is a four-star hotel.
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