What are the fujian quanzhou clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-02
1. Quanzhou shishi clothing wholesale market shishi clothing wholesale market product categories to suit, children's clothes, jeans, t-shirts, fashion rarely. Current through the shishi city wholesale market sales amount per year is about 2 billion yuan, the main buyers from the Midwest and coastal second-tier cities. Shishi costume city development project operation mode of development and construction by stages, which is divided into the second phase, the rolling development. : the first issue of trade sector four, exhibition art center, starlight leisure square, bus terminal and related supporting services. The first phase of four clothing trade sector covers an area of 143 mu, building area of 21 - 30000 square meters, a total of 2148 q shop, roofing and underground parking lots, a total of 1884. Exhibition art center has more than 600 booths, and a set of can accommodate 1000 people meeting, show, display and other purposes of the multi-function hall, the first phase of its construction from the first half of 2003, and completed by the end of March 2005. Completed the south north, north, south B, B four trade sector. 2. Quanzhou shishi city shishi found overseas Chinese hometown city is located in nine 2 in the middle, and stone lions long-distance bus station adjacent, and business location area. The main 20 floors, the skirt building, 10 floors - 7 20 floors for commerce-residence building and office building, to become the province, one of the ten famous clothing professional market. Shishi city industrial and commercial bureau to build a joint venture with hong kong-invested city phase ii project, completed in October 1995, officially opened on December 28. The second phase of 4198 square meters, with a total construction area of 41000 square meters, among them, 6 layer for shopping mall, shop 406 q. The main 20 floors, the skirt building, 10 floors - 7 20 floors for commerce-residence building and office building; And is equipped with three underground parking lot, covers an area of 3104 square meters, can accommodate 500 motorcycles and 20 cars, to become the province, one of the ten famous clothing professional market. Overseas Chinese city since its opening, in a beautiful environment, well-equipped to win the favour of domestic and foreign merchants, have 'Thai AnZhi welcome international trade co. , LTD. ', 'China shoes clothing export business of the island', 'shenzhen west dragon department in stone wholesale sales department', 'jin heng Hong Kong and Taiwan fashion line', 'pan-asian international trade business' 'virtue teng xing clothing foreign trade business', 'Sam hui clothing foreign trade export business', 'wind garment trading firm' businesses, such as garment transactions in 1992 only 200 million yuan of above, and the momentum of development. 3. Quanzhou shishi international garment city shishi costume city is located in quanzhou city of fujian province shishi city nanyang road, the main business clothing, equipment is complete, the market surrounding environment convenient transportation. Shishi costume city a total land area of 1110 mu, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, central planning construction area of 600000 square meters, respectively, set up garment trading, exhibition art center, starlight leisure square, modern logistics area, business supporting service area five functional areas. Shishi costume city is not only the area is large, and it developed with many scientific and technological content, including a number of advanced system. Its first period in enterprises are basically brand or brand products agents, septwolves, riches and honour in the province are the king of birds, nine animal husbandry, widely, the eu, the emperor, spell card, Nancy brand companies such as almost all, and outside the province's famous brand such as Persia, carving, etc. , the international famous brand 'versace', such as Nike, adidas, playboy, BOSS also visit shishi costume city.
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