What are the Qingdao high quality clothing wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-27
1. Qingdao China cieme clothing wholesale market cieme abutting on qing-yan highway heshan city road clothing wholesale market, products are mainly sold to jiaodong peninsula and north China and northeast China. Including knitting product radiation throughout the country, in the northeast market share reached 50%, the partial products also are exported to South Korea, Japan, Russia and other countries and regions. Cieme clothing wholesale market covers an area of 354 mu, the project total investment of 6. 2. 5 billion yuan, the construction area of 26. 80000 square meters, is divided into A, B, C, D, E five areas. B, C, D for adult and shoes and hats, E area for baby area. Each layer is very big, from the east side to the west of 1. 5 kilometers, 10 rows on each floor, a total of three layers. Built booths, outlets room 7122. Market is equipped with central air-conditioning system, automatic alarm system, automatic sprinkler system, computer network systems and security monitoring system and other modern facilities, escalator 26, passenger and cargo ladder 11 units. Market offer new markets at home and abroad advanced market advantage, fusion cieme city features, its architectural style, shape and internal facilities is a modern and comprehensive service functions. 2. Qingdao foreign trade city Qingdao foreign trade city is the central business district (CBD) of a large circulation and people's livelihood projects, shibei district government and shandong xinhua kam group created in order to actively cope with the challenge of the financial crisis together. Wu Xinglu on foreign trade of Qingdao city, few and Qingdao city is in northern China import and export commodities as characteristic of foreign trade, the trade, manufacturing, services, import and export, and other functions as one of the foreign trade commodity collection and distribution center. Qingdao foreign trade city flagship store of the total area is about 1. An area of 30000 square meters, operating area of about 2. An area of 30000 square meters, a total of two, three layers of the earth, the underground layer of the commercial buildings. According to the function is divided into: A export commodities exhibition area, B import commodity exhibition area and the supermarket. Export exhibition area, block A construction area of about 8000 square meters, the main goods of shifted in our country, and according to the division of items for clothing accessories, household items, bags, shoes and hats, children's heaven and earth. B import exhibition area: the gross area is approximately 4300 square meters, mainly import commodity sales, cooperation mode can use lease or pool, etc. 3. Qingdao international garment city Qingdao international garment city's main men's, women's, children's clothing, knitting, accessories, and other 10 major series. Modernization of Qingdao international garment city life affiliated supporting complete, mainly has music culture square, 24 meters walking street, exhibition performing arts center, logistics center and storage center, electronic monitoring center, the establishment of housing, office buildings, Banks, agencies, industrial and commercial tax offices, police station, and is equipped with cafes, restaurants, bars, leisure gym, etc. The whole city &qingdao hardware facilities have central heating, air conditioning, broadband, fully enclosed management at night. Qingdao international garment city is a predominantly clothing wholesale high-grade large-scale integrated trading platform. Urban planning and construction of 1. 31 million square meters, the first eight investment. 600 million yuan to build 270000 square meters, 8000 to set up shops, absorb the employees 25000 people, annual turnover of up to 6 billion yuan, tax 50 million yuan. Qingdao international garment city to build a fully functional clothing matching with the Qingdao exhibition trading platform, the clothing art, architecture, art, create the new business environment, and become a multi-functional business in shandong province pearl. Qingdao international garment city adhere to the spirit of brave innovation, constantly challenge, for the polish market set up the new post, supplies trade brand, invite you to jump together, into light. Efforts to build international quality, planning and construction of high level of clothing market. 4. Qingdao tianma foreign trade clothing market the tianma changchun road in the foreign trade clothing market is located in shibei taitung business circle, namely the original magic weapon supermarket, business area of eight thousand square meters, the division way of lease. Tianma foreign trade garment city tianma foreign trade clothing market is located in the Qingdao shibei taitung business circle in the changchun road, is a magic weapon of the original supermarkets, business area of eight thousand square meters, the division way of lease, is one of the largest indoor concentration of retail and wholesale of Qingdao foreign trade clothing and related foreign trade commodity market. Market with 'market-oriented operation, market management' of modern management measures, to ensure the sustainable and stable development, standardization of market. 5. Qingdao lacey wenzhou city Qingdao ( Lacey) Trade city of wenzhou clothing wholesale market is located in the center of lacey had, in the east of Qingdao wanfu group co. , LTD. , close to the long-distance bus station and lacey had the government. Main products: clothing, small goods, shoes and hats, bedding, etc. Island lacey trade city is located in wenzhou lacey had center, east Qingdao wanfu group co. , LTD. West meets the jiaodong first large agricultural and sideline products market. Lacey had is located in the middle of jiaodong peninsula, is governed by Qingdao, China a satellite city, convenient transportation, 80 km away from Qingdao port, the port terminal 120 km, 60 km away from Qingdao international airport. Is a new 'pearl river delta economic zone' (the north Qingdao, yantai, weihai) Transport hub and logistics center, great commercial potential for the development of large commodity distribution market offers huge business space. Qingdao ( Lacey) Trade city of wenzhou clothing wholesale market by wenzhou people create even Mr YanKui wholly-owned, covers an area of 100 mu, building area of 100000 square meters.
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