What are the tail goods in guangzhou wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-04
Birthplace of guangzhou is the national costume, with numerous small and large wholesale market, there are also several large tail goods market, looking for a complete end goods clothing to ishii, tail cargo business circle to find: brand ladies stock supplies to ishii, silver horse, brand clothing inventory supply of goods to the garment city, kam garment city, east qinfeng garment city. May everyone heard of before the three places to simply tail goods, what break code, clearance, handling goods and so on. But in recent years, the brand discount wholesaler, added new elements to these places, the Internet and electricity is applied to it, and so did the stone well the business circle of the development and prosperity. Guangzhou jin east international garment city is located in baiyun district of guangzhou ishii street burn gold the busy streets of the road, a commercial line 2 road, in the burn off duty station, there are more than 2000 domestic and foreign merchants in the market, the merchants from all over the country and Africa, the Middle East, Russia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and other apparel industry elite. Market has hair, jeans, leisure, sports, fashion, children's wear, underwear, and other partitions, operating various styles are superior in quality, at the same time, mainly wholesale, retail as the auxiliary way to attract more consumers. Silver Ma Guoji costume city was named Ma Guoji men's clothing city, now the search is still on the map silver Ma Guoji men's clothing city, now turned in the reform, the trend of the future is a silver horse as the center of the domestic brand women's discount wholesale, electricity live base, silver horse to divided into three zones a, b, c three areas, the level of very simple and clear, almost all the archives mouths on the ground floor is men's clothing retail wholesalers, Lord do foreign business, many African blacks to side orders, upstairs are almost all women's clothing brand discount wholesale company. Only silver horse has not only, and near the silver horse jin east qinfeng, broad, these places are a discount brand companies, large and small around two or three days you enough, from all over the country brand. Guangzhou chang hillock tail goods wholesale market is the second largest clothing tail goods wholesale market, guangdong women's price is very cheap, more can two up some tail goods. It is made up of maoming some businesses, it is not like guangzhou building other clothing wholesale market is going, it's just a street, a street shop. But there are still many different wholesalers and even foreign buyers to come here to see goods with their goods. This place jumped to his goods have a few streets, dress more carefully pick a lot of good things, the price is very cheap as general jeans trousers 15, 12, pants in shorts, 10, of course, still can bargain, something very miscellaneous don't worry, put a few streets over, general a place where many people around is likely to be the owner to get the good end of low-cost goods. Good relations with some archives mouths boss have good will surely recommend to you. Station west clothing wholesale market is very interesting, very metaphysics couture, less trend toward is given priority to, the west as a tourist destination is good! Station west clothing market has a large number of passenger flow and convenient traffic, in the national clothing wholesale plays a pivotal role. In the sections of clothing stores, especially in the station west clothing market and zhuo beauty clothing wholesale market scale and passenger flow. Station west clothing market has several hundred performance standard bean, customer base large well-known manufacturers. The store set several large clothing stores and office buildings, most of the shops are factory direct sale and production of world famous brand of clothing technology and ability, attracted from all over the world, North America, Africa, Japan, South Korea, eastern Europe, west Asia customers.
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