What are the women's tail goods wholesale markets in guangzhou

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-03
Silver Ma Guoji fashion city is located in the guangzhou ishii, business circle core location, close to international stone Wells near hushan, silver Ma Guoji garment city is divided into ABC three area, area A one for women's clothing brands and men's clothing wholesale discount on the second floor, the third floor of brand women's tail goods discount on all company or archives mouths, taking goods give priority to in order to go A some bulk batch pick mobile, the 456 floor for tail goods discount company, live agency office showroom. Area A gate is busy ishii avenue, and it's the silver Ma Guoji costume city is the door, the back area A is B area, B area is behind the area C, mainly men's clothing wholesale and discount wholesale women's clothing brand. Kingdoms trade city has a superior geographical environment, located in guangzhou baiyun district ishii, so dragon pond road, is located in guangzhou city center, railway station, bus terminal, zhanxi road business circle radiation provinces and cities area. Adjacent to the broad highway, 107 national highway, is in and out of the guangzhou baiyun airport. More sixty percent guangzhou railway and highway cargo send to focus on this. Around the hotel, Banks and other service facilities. Relying on convenient traffic environment, improve the hardware facilities and unique business philosophy of innovation, nus baiyun district clothing fashion city city gradually became the origin of chain is especially important in the hinterland of the comprehensive wholesale cluster. Guangyu ( International) Trade city take the lead in response to the guangzhou baiyun district two levels of government, policy, upgrading of ishii, business circle of investing to transform the original appearance, all kinds of hardware facilities, improve the mall guangyu between about 30000 square meters of business area of nearly 700 shops, a layer of main clothing, main business footwear, leather goods net group, on the second floor is given priority to with clothing wholesale, combined with the electricity marketing, retail management mode of the trinity set catering, fair trade, network group, such as multi-functional trade city, is committed to making the city's TOP trade city. Guangzhou clothing business circle 'north east shahe, zengcheng, west have liuhua' the pattern of the three major clothing wholesale business circle of guangzhou, due to cosmos ( International) Trade city to join upgrade, make 'ishii, clothing wholesale business circle' of guangzhou's fourth largest clothing wholesale business circle. Guangzhou hong horse clothing tail goods wholesale trade city to build national professional clothing tail goods wholesale market as the goal, is located in the north industrial avenue no. 127 to no. 131, issue of practical area of more than 10000 square meters, a total of three layers ( Otherwise the basement for the warehouse) 。 Trade city location is always pay attention to the location area or location, hon horse clothing trade city of the geographical position is superior, adjacent to the guangfo double, estuary metro subway multiple bus direct to all corners of the city, for retailers no traffic on the trouble back at home.
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