What are the xuzhou city clothing supplies wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-27
1. Xuzhou Shanghai international garment city Shanghai international garment city is located at the junction of xuzhou yunlong district drive-way, yingbin avenue, it respectively form different business areas such as men's, women's wear, casual wear. Land area of 9. 2 acres, a total construction area of 45263 square meters, of which the underground construction area of 8978 square meters, construction area of 36285 square meters on the ground. The whole is divided into stores service areas and business supporting area of two parts, 1 - 5 layer to store the main service areas, a total construction area of 24980 square meters. Respectively to form different business areas, such as men's, women's wear, casual wear at the same time, through 20 floors, mall supporting business apartment market increased business engineering and image. The whole project is divided into stores service areas and business matching of two parts, one - 5 layer to store the main service areas, a total construction area of 27135 square meters, respectively, form the focus of men's, women's, casual wear, pants, jeans, home series, large brand exhibit different business areas, such as; Mall by 6 - at the same time 20 layers of form a complete set of business promoted the entire apartment business function and image of the store. Shanghai international clothing city 'double layer' design of xuzhou region, pioneered in the advantage of land at the same time, through the steps of ramp, aerial nest, comprehensive application, creative implementation has two 1 layer shops effect, thereby maximizing the value of gold area shops. 2. Xuzhou xuanwu market/xuanwu trade city xuzhou xuanwu small commodity wholesale market is located in the prosperous commercial area of xuzhou city, jiangsu province, was founded in 1985, after more than 20 years of arduous pioneering, has been developed from a street market development as the covers an area of nearly 200 acres, with more than 6000 business booth, business clothing, shoes and hats, knitting, department stores, bags, glasses watches and clocks, lamps, toys, cosmetics, electronic appliances, stationary, hutch supplies, washing supplies, bedding, curtain cloth art goods, wujinjiaodian, 17 categories, average daily traffic of more than 60000 person-times of large daily industrial products wholesale market. 3. Xuzhou peixian county commercial plaza xuzhou peixian county in wenzhou wenzhou business square introduction: on October 29, 2006, by the jiangsu peixian county shuntian real estate development co. , LTD. , the development and construction of wenzhou business square big soft opening. The peixian county of wenzhou business square is peixian county government key engineering projects, the overall plan covers an area of 365 mu, building area of 330000 square meters, set textile clothing, commodity, hardware appliances, food four big plate as a whole. Mainly engaged in commodity and food. The famous 'small commodities oceans, shoppers paradise' zhejiang yiwu small commodity market, copied to peixian county, become a commodity in the true sense professional wholesale market. Food is based in peixian county established ten big advantage agriculture industry base, and in xuzhou county with the largest number of 'green food'. Peixian county resources advantage, ZhongYangJia, supply, and several management, make the agricultural products from production to sales of each link organic ground couplet a complete industrial system. Through the professional market and wholesale market, speed up the circulation of agricultural products. In peixian county of 'agriculture, rural areas and farmers' service, provide the carrier, to level the playing field. Make regional logistics center, according to the pattern, scale, make the ideas of class, form radiation surrounding provinces and cities of north jiangsu large-scale professional market. The main products: textile clothing, commodity, hardware appliances, food.
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