What is a medical respirator?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-14
Medical respirator and surgical masks and protective properties of particulate respirators, is used in the hospital, can filter particles in the air, and cut off the droplets, blood, body fluid and secretion of respirators, also belong to class II medical device products, must conform to the national mandatory standards GB19083 - 2010. The first edition of GB19083 is urgent to formulate during the 2003 outbreak of SARS, to the old standard was amended in 2010. GB19083 filtration efficiency of face masks and closed all have clear requirements, and GB2626 - in this 2006 similar; Medical respirator and surgical masks, so not allowed to set the exhalation valve, avoid the wearer droplets produced by exhalation valve discharge pollution operation wound; Many medical respirator use surface shown in green, this is just a habit of the medical industry, which masks the surface material has the blocking effect on the fluid spillage, in this regard, non medical particulate respirators are not generally considered. On the surface, disposable masks and medical surgical masks are difficult to distinguish. Hospital dedicated belongs to class I medical devices disposable masks, products are medical product registration certificate, the pharmaceutical industry there is no standard for this kind of products, production enterprises according to the enterprise standard production. Medical disposable masks have no block protection function of fluid spillage, filtering efficiency are not sure of droplets, cannot be used for operation. Disposable respirator use non-woven material, very thin, wear and don't need to fit closely face, the air resistance is low, the wearing comfort is very high, also very cheap, usually will be discarded after use, widely used in food processing and some electronics production, can prevent the pollution of operators of food or artifacts; At the hospital, medical staff will provide patients with respiratory tract infection with disposable surgical masks, for them to use in and out of the public area, can help reduce the risk of disease transmission. As the public awareness of protection of flu, there are more and more people have realized that, when I caught a cold, or infectious flu, wear disposable masks can reduce the risk of disease to family members and colleagues, is worth promoting.
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