What is five major characteristics of surgical masks?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-10
1. Light, comfortable, insipidity, do not contain fiberglass, for skin, waterproof. 2. Breathing resistance and health. The aerosol, dust, smoke, fog droplets, toxic gas and steam by the filter material such as adsorption, stop without being inhaled by 3. Soft and comfortable adjustable nose clip other features: 1. Filtration efficiency: under prescribed conditions, the product will be the particles in the air filter; 2. Flame retardant performance: with flame combustion on guard to prevent itself was lit, and the flame retardant performance; 3. With physical or chemical methods: disinfection kill or clear the pathogenic microorganisms on the media, to the harmless; 4. Sterilization: use a physical or chemical method to kill medium on all of the microbes, to the sterile; 5. Can achieve the role of dust. Surgical masks scale used widely, it can use in the medical profession, surgical masks can also together in the usual life and rich in low harmful gas and steam environment using the mask. In medical gauze mask, it is usually a few powder cotton sewing processing. Surgical masks to many varieties, and let's pm2. 5 mask is usually divided into gas type medical gauze masks and air filter is a type of medical gauze masks two kinds. And in medical gauze mask, air filtration of medical gauze mask first is to avoid harmful gases through the air into the body, and then to filter through. In the supply of medical gauze mask, is harmful material to cut off clean, and after dynamic role to through a mask to breath. In comparison, medical gauze mask use more of the type of filter.
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