What is the difference between surgical masks and ordinary mask

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-11
As is known to all, uneven distribution of health resources in our country. Big hospitals, good hospitals in big cities, Beijing, for one, there are dozens of several 3 armour hospital. But in the vast number of small and medium-sized towns and rural areas, especially in the western region, medical resource is very scarce, the patient only large hospital, ran to the big hospital treated in primary small hospital can treat good ailment of average outpatient service, obviously is wasted at the grass-roots level small hospital medical resources, and increased workload big hospital, adding to the large hospital see a doctor difficult problem, leading to a bed is hard to find. To change only the big hospital patients psychological, the point is not to persuade the patient to a small hospital treatment ailment, but balanced allocation of medical resources, increase the intensity of hardware input to the basic-level hospitals, medical instruments to keep pace with The Times. What is the difference between surgical masks and ordinary mask? Let hundred hundred safety net of the small make up together with you to look at! Surgical masks and ordinary mask essentially no difference. Surgical masks must be hydrophobic permeability is strong, only harmful to the tiny virus aerosol or dust filtering effect is remarkable. Ordinary mask can't so high requirements; Medical respirator has effectively block liquid splashes of function. Because in the operation, the possibility of blood or infectious fluid spillage, have certain pressure, the splash is not a general liquid infiltration, mask material block has the ability to pressure liquid should be relatively high, only in this way, can effectively protect the medical staff. So in the standard of medical protective mask, special detection method was used to test this kind of product of the separated liquid performance; In addition, medical respirator exhalation valve is not permitted. This is due to medical respirator allow used as surgical masks, if wearing a mask of exhalation valve, exhale will be carried by microorganisms in direct discharge masks, pose a threat to patients undergoing surgery.
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