What kind of mask can really prevent mist haze PM2. 5?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-23
As the PM2. 5 is the official, PM2. 5 the word has been popular in the hot, and all kinds of protective equipment began selling, masks, in particular, in January 2013 parts has caused mask out of stock, but exactly what kind of mask can really filtered PM2. 5. On the market at present the PM2. 5 mask, prevent flu mask phyletic and various, complicated, a lot of the sham as the genuine phenomenon everywhere, but after segmentation categories and protection grade basically has the following categories, please note when buying. A, chemical fiber mask: recommended index: 1 star! Chemical fiber masks the main components in chemical fiber materials, mask itself without protective barrier effect of filtering material, thus has little effect on the blocking of the dust, let alone PM2. 5 or flu virus, but always wear a than Dai Qiang point. Second, disposable masks: recommended index: 2 stars! Disposable masks main material is non-woven plus a layer of filter cloth, part of dust and PM2. 5 and the bird flu virus has the effect of a few, but for fine particles such as PM2. 5 and avian influenza virus bacteria such as block effect is limited. Three, cotton cloth mask + common filter mask: recommended index: 3 stars! Now the market lull PM2. 5 masks than this one, a layer of cotton cloth and a ordinary non-woven filter will claim this mask can stop filter PM2. 5 micro particles, in fact, as long as we get the product to use your head think hard block PM2 will understand this mask. 5 and the role of the bird flu virus is not particularly big, of course, from practical and visual aesthetic degree is superior to the former two kinds. Four, industrial respirators ( N95 type) : recommended index: 4 stars! N95 respirator main material is imitation cotton plus special filtration of cotton, plus the mask the overall design of sealing of PM2. 5 and avian influenza viruses stop filtering effect is relatively good, N95 respirator and industrial dust and toxic gases environment also has a good protective effect, use of time is relatively long history, so everyone's recognition is relatively high. Five, the nanometer antibacterial material + + active carbon ultra-fine fiber filter ( Nano anti-virus PM2. 5 special mask) : recommended index: 5 stars! ! ! ! ! This mask is comparatively mature using nanometer materials ( Nano silver) Attached to the mask on the fabric, we all know that silver nanoparticles can be used for the disinfection of drinking water and purification, and therefore also for adsorption on the mask of the micro particles such as PM2. 5 and bacteria have strong decomposition to kill bacteria. Conditional can use air purifier, use trump net USB mini purifier and less open the window when the fog haze weather.
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