What kind of surgical masks the best

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-13
pm2。 5 mask is the main protective object of particle size is 2 in the air. The tiny particles of 5 micron, MERS virus is spread through media, such media generally droplets of saliva for mankind, about 3 microns in diameter are, so PM2. 5 masks can be MERS virus protection. , of course, the protection efficiency of different brand mask is different, national health shield as a face mask industry innovators have achievements in the field of professional and technical, research of PM2. 5 mask of filtration efficiency can reach 99. 9% is the professional protection option. Choose masks are usually the most main is to look at the face mask filtering effect, medical or surgical masks xu industrial use, are the same, need to see a mask of filter filtration function as the highest, is P100, arrived in 99. More than 97% of 3 m 1860 surgical masks is grade N95 other, pm2 also. 5 mask is more than 95% of the filtering effect, is better than natural masks masks of the role of industrial land P100 filter, therefore, the key is to choose a mask and respirator filter filter role of usually can be seen on the mask, see images, usually with KN90 grade, N95, P95, P100, the best is the one of P100, price is the highest.
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