What You Need to Do to Dress Up in a Sexy Way

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-06-15
If you want to be sexy, there are certain rules you have to obey, but unfortunately, there are also a lot of women who aren't aware of these rules. These rules have to do with the clothes you choose, with the way you match your colours, with the accessories you add and some other such details. The way you look can make a very good impression with everybody else, therefore, you should always be attentive to what you are wearing.A� The most important rule is to be careful not to fit your silhouette into any kind of dresses. Not all styles are appropriate for all women. For instance, skinny jeans may be in fashion, but that doesn't mean that they look good on all women. Remember that those tight and shiny dresses don't look good on women who wear over 44 because polished fabrics add to your mass and body shape and amplify your round shapes. A�Also, you should not wear low jeans if you have wide hips or an obvious abdomen because they also make you look even more rounded. Another rule would be addressed to shorter women. If you are such a woman, you should avoid wearing long boots in dark colours because they cut the image into half and then you look even shorter. When it comes to women with big breasts, these ones should avoid short tops because they need other ways of supporting their breasts and short tops are not in their advantage. These would only be a few of the general rules having to do with the way you dress, but there are also other details you should pay attention to, especially when it comes to accessories and so on. A�
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