Which clothing wholesale market in shenzhen bigger is better

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-14
We replenish onr's stock is generally want to high popularity, everyone recognized by the market, everyone think that everybody likes to take the goods is enough fashion, everyone's idea is very good, after all, everyone goes something like this, it high popularity is indeed have larger market advantage, so we all like to go to, but I think every market has its own characteristic, will have their own main products, so we should be to choose according to their own style, tail goods like you like them, for instance, to say the tail stock market may go how many people can't see, everyone knows that such goods is out of the style, also don't have much choice, so most of the time are only been to a next time will send the goods, thus making the market seems to be not so popular, actually everybody is in order, you just didn't see. And we choose a larger market advantage is to compare good search, where the car is much, and may in the doorway of some market can take the minibus to, and these cars are direct without a stop, that when it comes to shenzhen? I know that here a lot of clothing market, and the tail goods market is a lot, so you want to what kind of goods, clothing wholesale market in shenzhen is home to a total of about 40 large and small, mainly concentrated in luohu and nanshan two core business circle. The front of the main have shenzhen dongmen baima clothing wholesale market, longteng clothing wholesale market in shenzhen, shenzhen Oriental clothing wholesale market. This a few relative to the relatively large size, high brand awareness and influence, and wholesalers in the relatively complete varieties. Longteng clothing wholesale market in the past two years are brand upgrade, self-independence of software and hardware facilities, market management, brand is worth to walk. Had often heard people say that the shenzhen market was worth around, and there are a lot of people can find good goods over there, so now also pretty many people go to there to take goods, shenzhen, of course, going to the east gate of the white horse clothing wholesale market, what price what clothing styles are mostly women's clothing. If several wholesale market in shenzhen is high-grade, taobao shop don't have to pull the goods to guangzhou, a few yuan price difference, if there is no quantity is more there is no price difference. Shenzhen dongmen old white horse on the second floor is a mid-range, minghua and horse baohua is low, but can also design and many pictures; Dongmen white horse is on the fourth floor high-grade types; Nanshan century square are foreign trade goods, but the price do not have the advantage on the web; SunGang the bell ring of wholesale market, there are a lot of goods is Fried a few is foreign trade should be cleaned out carefully; And bagua er lu here price moderate, many manufacturers selling work well; Cross hillock lung chau wholesale department of beautiful city, here the tail goods market requires careful tao, the price is cheaper. Huaqiang north and enriching wholesale market ( Behind the women world) Can go and see.
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