White-collar beautiful woman dress basic skills

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-06
Foreign trade clothing OEM small make up tell you dress from three level: the first layer is harmonious, the second layer is beauty, the third layer is the individuality; For white-collar beautiful people just work, it should be all done. There is no such thing as a popular, wear out their own style is really popular. There is no need to spend more, foreign trade clothing OEM small make up tell you as long as mastering the basic skills, the following dress you must be the most fashionable office lady. Foreign trade clothing OEM & ndash; Learn how to use the coat choose superior material warm coat, it is put on a sweater or blouse, principle of the internationalization of this dress will be more and more fashionable. Autumn, windy days, dust coat is the most precious clothes. The wind dancing garments contained on autumn sentimentally attached, free and easy woman to be elegant charm, and weak self-pity self-love women also use it to package. Foreign trade clothing OEM & ndash; Learn to use the same color and contrast both in color and details on the use of similar elements while security is not flat, the proper use of opposing elements, clever union, there will be a wonderful effect of get twice the result with half the effort. Dressed in the same department of the so-called & other; The same as color & throughout; , is of the same color depth changes, such as hot pink, pink, purple, red department; Lime green, grass green, olive green, it is green. If taken in full color fastens with color & other; Deeply shallow & throughout; Tie-in way, such as gray suit coat collocation in light gray turtleneck sweater and dark grey trousers, coupled with the silver necklace with iron gray handbag, can let whole modelling present a lively but harmonious aesthetic feeling. Dressed in the same color, it is important to pay special attention to the combination of all your clothes color piece of harmony. At the beginning of the practice match, the most simple way, is in the area of the patch to points & ndash; — The color piece with larger area for & other; The main color & throughout; , smaller piece for & other; Deputy color & throughout; 。 You can take one of the dark or light color for & other; The main color & throughout; ( The color piece) with larger area And the other as a dark or light color & other; Deputy color & throughout; ( Smaller color piece) Example: dressed in jeans and a pink pink blouse ( Light color/main colour) Collocation is red leather belt and boots ( Dark/deputy color) 。 Foreign trade clothing OEM & ndash; Learn to use the least amount of clothing collocation gives the design of most should spend more time and energy on the collocation of clothing, not only can let you to 10 clothes wear out 20 collocation, and also exercise their own aesthetic taste. This year popular trend of qiu dong with strong sex of accessories is noteworthy fashion focus. We use popular basic, mixed collocation gives appropriate for work, leisure wear, give you a simple and easy and fashionable qiu dong new look! Work: dignified elegant white-collar women workers girl, although is a norm in fancy dress up for the principle, but make the seasonal fashion accessories such as handbags, fine version of wide belt, and pointed leather boots collocation, even simple guileless look to work, also can wear a popular feeling. Related: & middot; Teach you to be a delicate miss office rules of business had better choose trousers, makes agile; Who says services to skirt is first selection. Flexible use of mashup clad philosophy, six pieces of item will change out of 10 different kinds of tees, plus accessories make the finishing point effect, can show your personal style, wear a dress conform to the characteristics of personality. Leisure: easy pretty carefree holiday time, very not easy to remove weary work mood, relaxed and sexy wide blouse a bright bright eye silk scarves on the ornament, the whole people light up immediately, or outside the blouses on basket empty pattern belt, single wear with the small vest of bowknot, is also very handsome and lively.
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