White horse clothing wholesale market can be a possible increase their income is zero zero buy clothes have discount

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-05
For clothing wholesale market, I will not go to, in general there are wholesale clothing, buy a few and I tend to be zero so how to also won't go the clothing wholesale market. And is there to take so many goods, especially when it was packed in the morning, it's hard to squeeze into ah, I've been to once, no second desire to want to go. And learn from guangzhou white horse costume city, continuously strengthen do retail online mall, charming people to the white horse etc. Guangzhou wholesale market sweeps money growth. Have clothing brands even, according to the current wholesale market retail sales account for half of the total. This shift may be I can't think, because I don't think that wholesale clothing can hold, where there is space to hold these retail? And consumers miss li and I have the same feeling, more than the original guangzhou do clothing wholesale market and retail, customer usually buy three pieces, but now a lot of clothing brands have already begun to do retail business, as long as familiar with the brand, you can pick up cheap, someone in the white horse store retail sales have accounted for 50% of the total. Because the citizens to buy clothing much more special, we haven't do retail business, later found that this is a piece of cake, can slowly do big. And merchants all saw such opportunities, and the proportion of the scene with the guest is shrinking, used to say because care less than retail clients and not pick up, why don't have time now do the retail? And the retail price is not in accordance with the wholesale price oh, will be a lot higher than the wholesale price. And you will find you to buy a clothing wholesale market, seem to also have the skill, some guest laid up too high, the price is really the retail price, you'll get the bargain, may find some one like me go to the wholesale market to buy a two merchants also won't add too much, that you are wrong, sometimes been pit you did not find, if you like or want bargaining when buy oh. Some people find that in some clothing clothing wholesale market will also have discount, the original industry rumours that the Chinese clothing inventory can be sold for three years, it may not be far off the mark. Have a huge inventory of high-end clothes last year has led to a lot of garment enterprises have to increase the promotions. Due to the huge inventory of the current clothing brand, hoping to build online clothing factory outlets, charming directly clear inventory.
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