Wholesale clothing network importance is more and more obvious

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-02
Apparel online clothing wholesale channels to the importance of more and more obvious, is everyone in the industry, e-commerce is becoming more and more fierce competition, want to have a place in the industry, that is, of course, want to have advantages in quality and price. Last year in the third quarter, apparel industry climate index according to the report, the boom of apparel industry overall recovered, many indicators better than expected, but there are still garment production slants cold loss increase, industry profit levels drop, loss of enterprises. In the short term, the economic forecast downward, severe cost rise, in external, such as the influence of unfavorable factors, garment industry development has many concerns, will be increasingly fierce market competition, industry reshuffle trend will accelerate. But in the long term, with income growth and consumption upgrade, China's clothing wholesale market will face the opportunity of rapid development. You from the beginning of electronic commerce are not familiar with, and now a lot of things can be done through the network, also experienced a very long time, now everything can network, as the constant improvement of our business platform and our logistics company, is the mouse shaking a few times, there will be a real sent to the front of you, so also we have clothing wholesale, we now have a lot of friends will own the factory to do an online wholesale platform, so that make our customers more convenient to reduce the intermediate links, to get more cheap high quality clothing. At present our country clothing wholesale market concentration degree is low, the large number of small and medium-sized enterprises. But the number of large-scale enterprises, brand enterprises are increasing. Under the condition of the market is not stable, have staying power companies will rise very rapidly. Therefore, clothing manufacturing enterprises will be faced with 'the stronger the strong, the weak out' situation, difficult enterprise production and management will be more difficult, small miniature enterprise more difficult, industry consolidation will speed up. Pressure is too big, but no pressure, no power, we also should try to small and medium-sized enterprises in brand building, let oneself in the rapid occupy one seat in the garment industry, network developed continuously, we can also use this channel to make for the promotion of enterprise benefit. Let our brand information throughout the network. As consumers increasingly familiar with the fashion and the Internet, companies will need to consider more the product to market. BCG estimates that the number of Chinese shoppers will from 1 in 2010. 4. 5 billion to 2015, 3. 2. 9 billion. As consumers become more and more from the Internet, the importance of the network channels will become more and more obvious. Although clothing is a popular category of e-commerce, but many industry analysts believe that there is no retailers in China to achieve true multi-channel retail experience. Multi-channel real-time inventory visibility, logistics service reliability, convenience of product return and across the channel coordination of sales promotion is the important guarantee of clothing market network. Is the current domestic situation, our Internet penetration is higher and higher, believe in the near future, we rely on the network for trading will temporarily a big proportion, clothing wholesale industry is should power network at this time, the accumulation of slowly our brands, so that when we netizens to 300 million, the outbreak of the unlimited business opportunities. Brand marketing more or word of mouth marketing, good reputation is fundamental to make clothing enterprises. We must revolve around the basic to do bigger and stronger. Let us together to witness the new situation of the online clothing wholesale!
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