Wholesale clothing online and traditional stock advantage PK

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-03
Of choice for online purchase if you I don't know, but now many people purchase on the Internet, a trip back to small town, when to go to some shop around, see a store of clothing is quite good, the operator is a young man, and he chat a few words said these clothes is very nice, and design a new is quite suitable for young people, he said that the goods are into online, he said that although we county traffic is better than before, but the stock it is not convenient, go to the chongqing stock may take two days time, go to the city into the possible design is not good enough, and also want to spend the time of day, so then wanted to think in the online purchase, now the county logistics company is quite many, express is complete, the online purchase is can meet your requirements. Set up shop and do not spend time have been to the goods. May we small town online purchase is in order to save time and cost, need not run back and forth in the clothing wholesale market, and go to the wholesale market due to the limitation of time, the choose and buy is unlikely to take a long time to pick, some clothes may not phase of replenish onr's stock pressure have to hurry up to choose and buy, but can slowly take the time to choose online shopping. Traditional channel replenish onr's stock to choose on their own eyes or boss's recommendation, then there is the customer's feedback. Compared with online purchase the three basis, and customer feedback surface source more wide, more timely feedback, replenishment and faster, the additional cost of replenishment. Wholesale market purchase are generally cash spot, to invest a lot of money but need the batch of clothing all sold to repatriate funds, the funds during the holding time is longer, online shopping can be more flexible, multiple small batch of goods, capital takes up less time. General online wholesale are basically ten batch, some even are a batch of, such as entities shop selective increase to some extent. Because online can replenish onr's stock is low batch number, the buyer ready for the pressure is relatively less, the backlog of inventory risk of falling, is equal to the capital investment, less cost is reduced. Formal clothing wholesale website, there will be a definite price, compared with the traditional channel replenish onr's stock, more reduced the bargain link, price transparency to further open, is helpful for further options and measure. Online purchase is suitable for more people actually, if your home lived beside the clothing wholesale market, so you might choose to take goods market, but if you are in the inland city, even when you are next to the clothing market can also choose to purchase on the Internet, it also has a lot of advantages, people have done statistics, online purchase is not only a garment price is favorable, and other overhead, you eat the fare may purchase will save thousands of dollars at a time. In fact this is not a small overhead, replenish onr's stock should be no fewer than 10 times a year.
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