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Why African Apparel is more and more popular in USA

Why African Apparel is more and more popular in USA


Americans pursue fashion and also include African American. So African Apparel is more and more popular in USA. African Apparel is typically a display of tradition in the most colourful, flamboyant, glamorous and exciting way. This is probably why wedding planning is a booming business in Africa. Wholesale Custom Apparel from China Professional Manufacturer. Inquire Now.

This is not to say that all African Apparel are flamboyant, there are some exceptions. For example, people who choose to plan small, depending on preferences and budget plan. In some cases, this might lack the display of traditional excitements every typical Nigerian wedding has. When the typical Nigerian is getting married and the budget is right, you can expect nothing short of a colourful carnival at its peak.

Prints and Fabrics play a big role at different events in Africa, especially, these Nigerian Weddings. At the Nigerian traditional weddings you see all kinds of fabrics made in spectacular designs. At Hausa weddings, the fabrics and styles are synonymous to their culture. (Please see picture below for example of a typical a Hausa wedding and some guests). If you look closely at the brides hands, you will see the body art with henna which is a big part of the Hausa culture.

1. African Apparel has always been quite distinctive. Most of these costume designs are gorgeous in color, and the contrast of patterns is strong. The general design is strong and has a symmetrical habit. Most of the styles of the costumes are long and wide, relatively wide, and the collar is mainly composed of no collar or short collar.

2. The African Apparel for women is much more complicated. "There is a heart for beauty," and African women are no exception.

3, African women do not wear pants, usually only African-style dresses. This kind of Apparel is generally bare shoulders, the color of the fabric is bright red, emerald green, indigo, and cyan. The middle-aged and old women are mostly white and black.

4, African women like colorful, rough patterns, lines of unrestrained dress, looks both elegant and eye-catching. Some places wrap the cloth from the chest, waist to toes.Hongyu Apparel focus on Design and Bulk Production Custom African Apparel Since 2003. More Fashion Models Choice. Fast Sample, Fast Production, Fast Delivery. Get Pricelist Now.

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