Why do young people like to wear that kind of surgical masks?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-26
Don't know since when, joint is visible everywhere with all kinds of disposable masks hurried by passers-by, mostly young men. Then why do young people like to wear surgical masks like that? Like to wear the cause of the surgical masks is summarized as the following: 1 is a safe, clean, health, everyone was in favor of reason is that the safety of medical surgical masks, and it is a one-off, clean health. Think about face mask it with every day, it is easy to dirty, need often clean, more troublesome, and very small is very easy to lose. But it is different surgical masks, wear dirty, don't want to wear with throw garbage, it is a one-off, and inexpensive price, convenient it is for this every day. 2, dustproof, prevent bask in, prevent peculiar smell of the spring and autumn period and the dustproof, sunscreen in summer, winter cold, also can prevent the smell. Say to the peculiar smell, small make up but have experience greatly, especially in the summer, bus, subway, afraid of is the man who met with peculiar smell. What foot smelly, sweaty, bad breath, headache, body odor smell, the acid bright. 。 。 。 。 。 So, take disposable masks can be separated in addition to the peculiar smell, even if the weather is hot in summer would also like to wear. 3, can be cool, with all the, modesty, now young people pay more and more attention to the pursuit of 'yan', very care about his appearance. Some feel wearing a mask only your eyes like masked superman, feel cool; Some people are just with all the heart, you see people are in the zone, a lot of oneself also follow with, don't wear a face mask as if out of date; The latter is like small make up, like the person who stay up late for bed, time is saved, but again afraid image was too bad, care about the impression is not good, simply take a mask covering a modesty, can save time, save trouble and modesty, go out without makeup and big face sister of love! See this article, you are not be suddenly enlightened, why disposable surgical masks so popular with young people, not just meet the young people's tastes and needs. So, the enterprise in the design and promotion of their products, want to be sought after by young people, research on young people's preferences and requirements is essential.
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