Witness the dongguan hong yu foreign trade clothing factory big yards clothing was born

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-07
Yesterday the weather is sunny in the morning, we meet a cooperation with a light heart near Australia new guests, the large size dress standards. At 10:30 in the morning, the guest to our office alone, seems to be a new era of a have affinity but capable professional career women. Hong yu garment has been committed to the demand of dedication to provide customers with considerate, try our best to meet the market needs of the guests, to try new methods, new direction. For the guests, this is the first time we contact and initial challenges do PLUS SIZE ( Fueling code number) The clothing. We made the sample and the production of clothing is geared to the needs of the guests of the high-end market, a company named MODCLOTH is our receiving end. MODCLOTH in Europe and the United States with a large clothing market, to the clothing version of type and the production requirements is very strict. For Europe and the United States fast fashion women's clothing has always been committed to foreign trade hong yu clothing, is also a level of technology and the challenge of opportunities. Based on our honesty and sincere attitude, as well as the version of the division of rich experience, guests expressed appreciation. Believe that recognition is encouraged, trust is motivation. To make it to the best of your ability, to meet the requirements of the guests, cooperative strengthen greatly, plus the size of the confidence also increased, we do believe that not only can stabilize the basis of the original market in the future, also can open up more lines, the high-end direction, is also one of our goals. Hong yu clothing, how can you miss? More pay attention to http://www. dnj99。 com/
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