Women's clothing supplies wholesale base in guangxi have what

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-03
1. Nanning guangxi kongfung kongfung brand women's clothing wholesale clothing wholesale city of nanning city developed by nanning kun bo trade co. , LTD. , located in nanning city people's road 14, is a collection of international and domestic brand clothing wholesale, retail and office buildings in the integration of large-scale clothing market, is located in nanning peace market, market and other well-known wholesale city constitute the mature business circle center, convenient transportation, logistics developed traffic, is the real retail clothing for gold. Guangxi nanning kongfung the most prosperous clothing wholesale clothing wholesale city is located in the city area, the transportation convenience, the stream of people like tide, strong business atmosphere, floor layout is reasonable, the channel spacious, positioning in the high-end clothing wholesale, is a collection of international and domestic brand clothing wholesale, retail and office as one of the shopping malls. Welcome to the clothing production enterprise and the clothing dealer in my store. 2. Peace market in guangxi nanning nanning new peace market plane is '8' glyph, covers an area of 7000 square meters, construction area of 26603 square meters, has a business area of 22000 square meters, a total of five layers, the main business is equipped with 3200 stalls. On the first floor is given priority to with food, dry miscellaneous, hardware appliances; On the second floor for the clothing and footwear market; On the third floor for clothing wholesale market; On the fourth floor for textiles, women and children supplies market; The fifth floor for clothing, cloth, department store market. Compared with the old peace market, many place spacious, shop also more, stand to rent more expensive than old peaceful many, things are generally more expensive than the old peace. Product variety, clothes, shoes, handbags, small adorn article, such as design also. Mainly engaged in the wholesale and give priority to, but the price will be more expensive than the old peace. However, if a people buy usually shout shout very reasonable price, you can bargain appropriately. Like the last time I and friends to buy a bag, call 120, the last is not clinch a deal in 120. The inside of the goods mainly wholesale to other small cities in guangxi, spending power is limited, but the quality is good performance-to-price ratio is high. Said to you to the old and the new peace, the ratio of their comparison. 3. Liuzhou liuzhou flying geese flying geese wholesale market market is the first founded by the enterprise at present the daily industrial products wholesale market is a big, comfortable and elegant environment, give priority to with high, medium and low-grade goods, wholesale and retail giving. After use, a modernization of the commercial buildings built up and down on the second floor shopping area is spacious and bright, comfortable and elegant environment, the commodity is given priority to with high, middle-grade. All kinds of supporting facilities in the market, the market, compared with the original have larger development has four neat capacious and bright and beautiful trading greenhouse, two trade building, the existing booth 2279 appearance 921 rooms, appearance and booth number increased than the original 852 ( A) 。 From is engaged in urban and rural areas for rural development, to attract a large number of citizen, by individuals, and get the general merchants and liuzhou public recognition, become liuzhou self-employed tax, most goods ( Underwear) Sales of the largest market. The superior location and convenient transportation. 4. Yulin yulin dragon boat dragon boat market market on the first floor basically has adult clothing barracks area, knitting barracks area, small articles of daily use jurisdictions; On the second floor has a children's clothing jurisdictions, bedding jurisdictions, luggage barracks area, cloth jurisdictions and footwear jurisdictions. Floor set leisure place, outside the parking lot, snacks and other supporting services. Yulin dragon boat market's main products: clothing, knitting, small articles of daily use, children's clothing, bedding, bags, cloth, shoes and so on. Yulin dragon boat market is was completed in December 1986, has a history of 23 years. The original dragon boat market is very lively, very brilliant, three stories all full, market sales, traffic at the time of the yulin city. After moving industrial products market, in 1995, operators dragon boat market depression gradually, there are serious fire hazard. 5. Yulin f continous international apparel trade city yulin f continous international apparel trade city yulin f continous yulin day's international apparel trade city real estate co. , LTD. , in November 2006 and f cotton district fu cotton township government investment promotion contract project is determined. Project is located in the continous YuFu road on both sides of the admin area covers an area of 320 mu, the meter is clothing, textiles, accessories sales for the integration of high-end professional market. Construction project plans to invest 600 million yuan, garments, textiles, accessories and ancillary facilities of 180000 square meters, the construction of commercial stalls, 10000. Is expected to be in sales of clothing 90 million, annual sales of up to 20 billion yuan of above. Apparel industry is continous administrative zone to the traditional industry, is also the pillar industry of continous administrative zones, the cotton is referred to as the 'world of pants' French journalist, now there are more than 1600, clothing apparel production enterprises in supporting enterprises, more than 300, 600000 nissan pants, including mass there are more than 160. Clothing mainly products for blue jeans, casual pants, pants, children's wear, etc. , a total of the cotton, the emperor, Chile and so on more than 20 big brand. Products are mainly sold to all over the country, and exported southeast Asia, Vietnam, Russia, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East more than 30 countries and regions. The cotton clothing production raw materials, product sales at both ends, transportation cost is higher. F cotton clothing production raw materials from guangzhou shahe to wholesale market, the products are mainly pass through the continous people in guangzhou shahe wholesale market of more than 1000 booths for wholesale, transportation cost is higher.
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