Women's clothing wholesale take goods online should pay attention to matters

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-23
Take goods online has become the mainstream, a lot of people take goods from offline to online taking goods, while taking goods should pay attention to matters of about the same, but take the goods on the Internet or there's a big difference, for example, we go to the first sentence is take goods online like ask bag mail? I want to say pack mail isn't that some taobao shop? How to wholesale still pack mail, if I have to offline market to take goods, also not be mailed package, there are finished packing hair logistics, either on their own hair, or it's freight collect, as if no one has ever asked bag mail? There is a lot of people will ask a discount? General discount and it is not in brand clothing will happen? Know what brand of those tail before is there a discount on goods tend to take the goods, so this strange, but the online wholesale clothing guests also always like to ask the question, I don't think they should also see on the website of price began to ask the question, because if they see the price will want to have a $10 t-shirts how to discount, twenty percent or thirty percent? Don't have that kind of compression space, online clothes price is wholesale price, generally do not have a discount. There is a lot of people would ask what make is your dress, we are the wholesale apparel, wholesale generally seems to be not registered brand, you go to the wholesale market to take goods will ask what make is your dress? I think everyone knows what is to pick up the goods themselves, also won't ask the question, because these goods are not registered brand, if the registered brand price affirmation is another matter. Many people will ask you can not to pay again, I want to say to payment can be, but you have to pay a deposit of part as a right, so everyone do not need to worry, now logistics is very convenient, the completely can be done to them, there are some customers will ask your goods to monthly statement? Monthly statement so I can't do dangerous things, who knew that the goods to a place where the money is in this place? So the more attractive or cash spot. Besides, all our garments are mileage, thin margins is generally can't let our customers to do so, the money collecting can produce a better product development, customer's questions that are pretty much, these are many clients would ask, although feel a little strange, but can't afford to answer.
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