Women's Partywear Trends for Spring

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-06-05
Christmas party season may be over, but there are still a lot of glitzy and glamorous events coming up. Valentine's Day, awards season and even cheesy music festival Eurovision are all reasons why people might be throwing parties either for friends or corporate groups. Veer away from the traditional 'safe zone' that is the little black dress, and dare to be different. To make a lasting impression on friends, colleagues and clients, think about more than just your dress and shoes, and style an eye-catching outfit from head to toe. The Essentials Don't limit yourself to the dress section at your favourite high street retailer. Step outside your comfort zone and explore alternative options like tailored jumpsuits, and trouser and top combinations. For many women these are more comfortable choices and can look just as good as a dress. Choose trendy metallic fabrics and lace in a range of colours. Off-the-shoulder looks are bang on trend this season. Look out for corset tops in shops. If you do go for a dress, try new fabrics. Leather dresses can look absolutely stunning and don't require a lot of additional accessorising as they make you stand out enough. Footwear Towering high heels are effective but don't lie to yourself about comfort. There's absolutely no point in wearing sky-high shoes if you can't walk, let alone dance in them and they cause you pain. Be sensible and choose either flats or shoes with a low heel or platform. If you absolutely must wear heels, remember to kit them out in gel cushions designed to give you extra support. Some of the big trends for spring/summer 2012 are transparent shoes, shoes in metallic hues, and lacing. Pastel colours are also set to be a hit. Outerwear It's OK not to take a taxi from door to door. Wearing a coat over your party gown will let you travel in style and comfort on public transport, and save you precious pennies you can spend on more fab clothing, cocktails, or even post-party snacks. Wear a statement piece that will make heads turn when you arrive at the party venue. If you opt for a trench coat, wear it in a bright colour or accessorise a classic with a colourful scarf and a brooch. For a sexy, slinky look, go for leather. Nowadays, women's leather jackets come in a range of styles, both fitted and free-falling. Just don't be tempted to wear a biker jacket for a fancy event - save that for a more casual occasion.
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