Wuhu bengbu fuyang clothing wholesale market? Which one is better

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-15
1. Wuhu wuhu treasure treasure, clothing wholesale market, clothing wholesale market is located in wuhu in anhui province treasure market, mainly engaged in all kinds of clothing. The market facilities, convenient transportation environment around. Wuhu treasure clothing wholesale market is mainly engaged in all kinds of clothing, wuhu bao wen clothing wholesale market warmly welcome your visit. All can go to the bus: 5,13,23,30,32,47 road. 2. Wuhu wuhu international shopping center in the new century shopping center is a major countries of the world famous brand products in the new century, and attract the boutique in management, make wuhu international shopping center in the new century, adopts famous brand shops, collection of famous trade and exhibition and the integration of large-scale modernized and internationalized shopping mall. Wuhu is famous in the history of one of the four big market, is an important commercial port city of anhui river area. Since the reform and opening, wuhu, obtained a rapid development of tertiary industry, the added value of tertiary industry in the city has reached 7. 2 billion yuan in 1999, total retail sales of consumer goods is 6. 6 billion yuan, as the commercial center of the junction of north and south city in anhui province and anhui river trade corridor leading position has been basically established. In order to adapt to the new situation of accession to the WTO, to further improve the commercial facilities of wuhu, enhance the accumulation of wuhu and radiation function, the municipal government decided, by the wuhu wuhu construction investment company to undertake international shopping center project in the new century. In wuhu construction has many aspects of the project is superior conditions. 3. Bengbu bengbu new century shopping center in the new century shopping center is located in bengbu in the prosperous commercial center - — 'Diamond district' huaihe road, operating varieties include supermarket, all kinds of men and women with a well-known brand, knitted underwear, men's and women's leather shoes, designer jewelry, cosmetics, household textile, all kinds of home appliances, home theater, audio and video products, etc. Bengbu new century mansion by tianyang group bengbu new century real estate development co. , LTD. , development, the building is a large comprehensive shopping mall, a four-star hotel, recreation center, grade a office and senior apartment as one of the very large property combination, the building is divided into sections with the ground, underground underground layer 2 ( Negative 2 layers of 5000 square meters large parking lot) 22, the ground layer, a total construction area of about 90000 square meters. 4. Fuyang mall fuyang mall is modern, intelligent and humanization of large department stores, it is for consumers to create a 'whole goods, real quality, service excellent, the price is cheap, environmental beauty' shopping heaven and earth. Fuyang mall in the basement of modern home life hall, sports leisure, knitted underwear, fifth floor layout adjustment and modification; In county towns more than 20 new home appliance stores, supermarkets, set up more than 10 farmers and base. 2012 malls cooperation with central south beauty of modern city, red star triumphant dragon, signed a joint venture of nearly 100000 square meters' new times square MALL, red star's agreement, make fuyang city MALL; With linquan king company cooperation nearly 80000 square meters 'fuyang malls, scene international shopping center'. Malls south second ring road 'rieter malls international project operation, has made very good progress; Mall, two, three, four floor layout adjustment is completed, after the adjustment malls on the first floor main jewelry, watches, cosmetics, fashion shoes and smoke from the famous; Main products on the second floor men's wear; Three host camp boutique professional women's clothing; Four main camp fashion fair maiden outfit; Five main camp sports leisure clothing, shoes, home dress, fitness equipment. Is located on the north of malls parking lot 'mall appliance store' is now open, construction area of 6600 square meters, mall spend a lot of manpower and material resources and energy, focusing on the 'mall appliance stores'. On the first floor main: computer, mobile phone, machine learning, digital cameras, kitchen small home appliance such as electric appliances, household gifts.
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