Yangjiang in guangdong province clothing leather wholesale market (Athena Yangjiang Athena rich)

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-04
'Athena enriching people' what is it? — — This is our city, and the first in west of central air conditioning, decorate luxurious clothing leather professional wholesale market, is now a hot investment, caused many investors and industry attention. Athena and enriching developers from first-tier cities, has many years of experience in garment leather market development and management, has a strong first-tier cities clothing leather business information channel, has successfully built the dongguan humen clothing wholesale market multiple project portfolio. Such as the humen clothing wholesale market is the new era, new wave their masterpiece, the professional wholesale market in the fierce competition in the humen clothing market has won great success and good reputation. Based on sufficient investigation and argumentation of the market, the tactile acuity of their strategic eye on the yangjiang, yangjiang from last year to the preparation, Athena rich garment leather goods wholesale market. Yangjiang, they say, as one of the more than 260 people, market demand is very big, yangjiang advantageous geographical location, at the same time set up here clothing leather wholesale market can radiation throughout the province. Yangjiang is an ancient tradition clothing economy development and the huge potential of cities, yangjiang clothing once made, trousers are very famous now. Yangjiang now a lot of businesses are still engaged in garment industry, many people are active in guangzhou, dongguan, foshan and other large and medium-sized cities of both in and become an influential clothing production and sales team. Yangjiang and even clothing leather wholesale market is still in its infancy. At present, the urban area of clothing leather shop in the old city traffic congestion, more smaller and commodities generally weak, scattered, low level, no fire control facilities and no cooling installations, no security, poor shopping environment, belong to the spontaneous formation of the traditional 'pattern of market'. This shop in addition to the goods, the appreciation of the space is not large. Due to the lack of a grade on the scale of yangjiang professional wholesale market, foreign giants have no interest in yangjiang, local as well as the management of retail to places such as guangzhou, humen replenish onr's stock, even some consumers to buy items with the 'shallow water' at eastlands, to guangzhou, shenzhen, dongguan and other cities or buy through the network. Yangjiang as a bridgehead yuexi area the geographical position and fashion, but failed to exert radiation function of the market. Relative to the rapid market development in the pearl river delta mode and increasing consumer shopping demand, yangjiang and yuexi area garment leather goods wholesale markets need to upgrade. Bus route: city bus station
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