You may not know, masks have 'black' history

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-13
Q: how to prevent the fog haze? Expert: try to stay at home do not open the window. Q: how to prevent bird flu? Expert: try to open a window ventilated at home. Say more are the tears ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I should listen to who? 吗? 吗? 吗? If it weren't for fog, we may have to forget an invention that ancestors wisdom - — Masks, I do not know is happy is sorrow. Masks origins can be traced back to my first big yuan dynasty, the literature, the top palace of the court clerk to the right with great delicacy of time must be covered her nose and mouth with silk cloth, in order to avoid human breath polluted food ( Is actually abandon the somebody else bad breath) 。 Although ancient mask does not seem to be too high technology content, but this does not mean that it is just a 'clean' cloth, a textual research said that the ancient used to shade cloth is made of silk and gold thread into, visible face mask is the central leadership at that time, society, culture and connotation of stuff for class. 1861 Pasteur proved that the bacteria in the air, many harmful bacteria as the air, causing various pathological infection, mask began to widely used in medical field. Since then masks start like 'detective conan', have a place there must be a murder him, I'm sorry, there is a bacteria of place there must be a mask! Mask with the fetters of black history start ~ ~ will mask is black to peak moment in 1918, the United States Kansas army transmitted influenza, 500 people from the initial infection, quickly spread to Spain, eventually killing 8 million spaniards. Masks application field is further extended to the general civil fields. After SARS, in 2003 and avian flu, and a wide range of fog haze, let we have to again darling wear masks. In fact, the popularity of masks feared reminiscent of air quality, mask is such a miserable character. With the progress of science and technology industry, air pollution still in progress, process and function of the mask also has a huge development, from the earliest single layer gauze formats, to six layer filtration system, non-woven masks until today. You may not know, per cubic meter of about four thousand strains of bacteria in the air, bacteria can breed spread in the air, and yes, they are two near your nose! When reach a certain quantity will cause harm to human body, the fact is that when our eyes see the fog haze, the harmful bacteria and particulate matter has four generations. Spread by bacteria have a lot of the common diseases, are all air contained in the corresponding caused by bacteria, is more deadly known as SARS, bird flu. So wearing a mask is equipped with the necessary travel. Masks to struggle in the dust we can calm in the face of all, still the pace of a firm. A good face mask, decided the future capital of the revolution! ! About our Hongyu Apparel medical products co. , LTD. , production of 'shield', 'pu ren' series of masks including prevent mist haze series of masks, medical mask series, labor insurance series of masks and police series of masks. Protective effect is obvious, elegant style, once launched, quickly won the love of consumers! Shandong Hongyu Apparel medical products co. , LTD warmly welcome friends both at home and abroad to visit our company, is willing with the domestic and foreign customers win-win cooperation, create brilliant! Tel: 0536 - 8308426
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