Zhengzhou garment enterprises to adjust product structure development of industry will usher in a new hope

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-31
With entrepreneurial activities in the coastal area is approved by the state and society and in zhengzhou garment industry development opportunities and peak, rely on their own diligence gain wealth gradually become the main measure of personal value. It is at this moment, the establishment of some commercial real estate project of zhengzhou brought garment industry development opportunities. The establishment of a batch of clothing wholesale market zhongyuan clothing scale emerged. Zhengzhou actually very early began to create their own fashion empire, and in July 2003, zhengzhou city chamber of commerce for clothing industry restructuring, gold QuanFu President elect zhengzhou clothing also began to lead to a higher stage of the journey. August 31, 2005, zhengzhou panty collective appearance in Beijing's great hall of the people news hall, for the first time across the country called out the name of the zhengzhou panty. In 2008, zhengzhou panty also takes the form of group operations into changshu trousers industry center, lay the necessary foundation for grab the south market. Zhengzhou panty aggressively later entered Shanghai qipu road clothing business circle, market share, with guangzhou panty form promptly. In January 2010 dream shu ya won the zhengzhou panty first brand of Chinese well-known trademark. Now zhengzhou panty has called out the country. In fact big clothing has always been a dream of garment industry of henan. There was a long time, however, our garment industry has been in the industry without the embarrassment of the brand. Zhengzhou garment enterprises pay attention to adjust the product structure in recent years, change ideas, actively research and development design, innovative business model, from the simple production of female trousers, men's trousers, promoted to the production of fashion women's clothing and men's clothing. Nowadays, the level of zhengzhou garment has rapid ascent to upscale product, into the country's first legion, forming a batch of leading enterprises and brand products market competitiveness. For a long time, zhengzhou garment industry has four major advantages: one is the labor force is rich, the human cost is low; Second, has a large population, large consumer market potential; Three is the government clothing as the important industry, give more support on policy; Four is zhengzhou in henan province and even the whole is an important destination gradient transfer of the eastern developed areas. Henan clothing production capacity has been around 30% year-on-year growth for five consecutive years, productivity growth in more than 45%, well above the national average growth rate. Sichuan has 40 RMB one hundred million enterprises, output value of more than 300 million 10 enterprises. Chinese female trousers look at henan, henan panty in zhengzhou such brand effect, for zhengzhou garment industry initially formed set of information, design, production, sales, warehousing, logistics in the integration of industrial chain, has the obvious industry clustering efficiency and strong market competition ability. As the zhengzhou airport economic area, zhengzhou garment industry and fashion industry will usher in a new hope and opportunity in henan.
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