Zhengzhou kaibing tail goods clothing wholesale city

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-31
On December 30, 2016 morning chorus accompanied by gongs, kaibing garment city held a grand opening ceremony in kaibing clothing city square. Kaibing garment city project is general manager liu, the project manager zhang fen, ms hong Yu Yanru business management company and a number of merchants representative participated in the opening ceremony. As wholesale market is located in the core area of zhengzhou, kaibing garment city geography advantage is obvious. Ceremony of the project manager zhang fen in his speech to the merchant and the guest introduces kaibing garment city project, she said kaibing garment city commercial real estate project in 2014 by zhengzhou heyi business development co. , LTD. Was set up, in line with the attitude of responsible for merchants, and merchants win-win, kaibing garment city start comprehensive investment, investment project has a good beginning until now, a layer, layer has signed all merchants have approach to decorate. Kaibing garment city is located in zhengzhou the most mature business circle 'erqi business circle' and 'railway station business circle' of the intersection area, the distance erqi tower is only 450 meters, is the high-quality goods in prime locations, project surrounding Banks, hospitals, schools, shopping malls and other supporting complete, railway stations, long-distance bus station in close proximity, is the landmark of zhengzhou in the value of a business. According to understand, as the new erqi commercial circle figure kaibing garment city as a new wholesale market, with the cheap end open the doors of the train stations and erqi commercial circle, will greatly improve the erqi railway station business circle clothing market function, in order to start the state power of erqi district upgrade image under the background of market promotion. Kaibing garment city of factory store is larger, here you can buy the brand clothing shop counters, may even meet in the hot money; And because there is no transportation cost, shop rent, etc, in order to ex-factory price to buy high quality brand clothing, the strength of the factory store to jilt goods are unprecedented price in 1 ~ 5 fold. Factory store clothes are cheaper than online stores selling price is one third of the entity shop, is 8 fold to the discount store. Factory store is a win-win situation for the brands, clearing to digest inventory quickly drained, for customers can find inexpensive goods.
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