Zhengzhou railway station in the clothing business circle formation of low-standard clothing market

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-30
At the mention of a city could you also can know the clothing class, there are some cities such clothes, some cities do high-end clothing, clothing, so everyone in finding what class will focus on these cities to find, so also can narrow the scope of the we find workers, and some cities may be what class clothing, just in different business circle, so we find the goods can also go to the designated business circle, is also very convenient. Zhengzhou railway station in all kinds of wholesale markets with a total area of 1 million square meters annual turnover of 80 billion yuan, zhengzhou railway station in the clothing business circle has become a veritable central clothing trade of dry docks and distribution center, years of development, has made it became a nationwide leading garment trading core business circle. Even it has incomparable advantages, geographical advantages, but the warehouse, stalls, parking, fire control and other issues, has seriously restricted here to further develop and expand, more restricts the upgrading of the traditional business circle. Railway station district after nearly 20 years of development and perfection, with the widening of urban framework, the improvement of the modern transportation system, the presence of a foreign business tycoons, business genes are also rising, people's consumption ideas, the concept of investment, also in gradually began to change. Some market is gradually to develop in the direction of characteristic clothing business, promoting road formed a cheap clothing wholesale advantage; Qiantang clothing city and day, jin rong rong positioning cheap clothing wholesale primarily, silver base, sung Kim, hengtai is given priority to with high-grade apparel retail. Higher-end forms began to appear in recent years, such as world trade mall 'large area' not only covers the business, also planning have 30, 100 - meter - high office, pull open the station clothing business circle from the wholesale market into business. And first avenue using advanced business model, successfully build underground professional market, more as a new force in the railway station business circle a. And cheap clothing has to be said now is very have market, or else how can have so many people do? And some people think the cheap dresses for the entire business circle of influence is negative, will drag down the entire business circle of clothing class, some also said that those small stalls, can only say that cheap cheap it is difficult to become bigger and stronger, and we wanted to do something in the clothing industry, struggling to find suitable place in zhengzhou. In fact, I want to say a business circle have formed such a business model, and all of a sudden can not adjust, not everyone will have so much money to do the brand, also is not each consumer can choose brand clothing, each have each hobby, also each have each choice. I want to say is not really can't find the place, in fact, in some low-grade garment district has crossed the fame loud clothing brand.
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