Zhengzhou railway station in the clothing business circle of 12 businesses also have their own views

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-30
Zhengzhou railway station in the clothing business circle of 12 things like I also heard of some sporadic, but recently the news will be a little more, now the government launched the work clothing market moved, zhengzhou office outsourcing market, said wholesale market must be out of the city railway station area, considering the particularity of the business circle, ready to build a good carry on, to meet the business circle of traders. Four or five every day morning, zhengzhou railway station in the business circle of clothing wholesale market has started to wake up. B: distributes the province the outside covering crust, made them in all directions of the guest in the province, familiar with pulling carts to arrive often go to the wholesale market. And the wholesalers have already opened the door, welcome to wholesale retailers shouted loudly. This state of most businesses will last four or five in the afternoon. The cycle, day after day. As the market is too concentrated, so is busy from morning till night, for the traffic caused great pressure, some merchants also said time stuck in traffic, eat not health, parking is also expensive. Via the residents here say the whole of China only in zhengzhou this? Referring to the railway station, bus station, wholesale market closely fit together. Traffic jams, clutter, is a lot of people widely impression of railway station business circle. So in this case the government began the relocation work clothing market, and some of the many years as a business man here also have different opinions, she said she one hundred and twenty years of experience in business speculation, collective move to the new clothing wholesale market continues the will to live together, if only to move the jin rong, silver base, world trade, business is not. She certainly won't go. In this do clothing wholesale business for a long time, there has been a mature model, she has more clients from other provinces. By train, car is very convenient, into finished goods without live directly leave. She worries about a move, cause customer churn. Actually her concern is not without reason, a clothing wholesale market start to accumulate numerous customers, need a time process, the transportation is convenient, of course, also accounted for a big proportion, general customers can also choose where traffic is more convenient to take the goods. 12 so clothing market is important, but there may be a phased transition, do, admits, head of outsourcing outsourcing market is closely related to the people life, may cause at that time is not convenient to merchants and residents, however, any market boom has a gradual process, planning concentrated area, in order to avoid merchants fight alone, sentiment, ShangQi will rise.
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