Zhengzhou strongly promote the coordinated development of the textile and garment industry

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-10-31
Textile industry is a traditional superior industry started earlier, zhengzhou city, strong industrial base. Under the CPC municipal committee and municipal government attaches great importance to in recent years, zhengzhou textile industry to speed up the large state-owned textile enterprises transferring work, successfully introduced a number of strategic partners. Through the relocation within the transformation, cotton spinning spindles more than 130 pounds on a new modern new loom more than 7000 sets. In accelerate the construction of the central plains economic zone zhengzhou metropolitan area, promoting the coordinated development of three of the development of textile and apparel industry of zhengzhou science localization, and the apparel industry as one of the seven major to speed up the development of key industries, strongly promote the development of textile and garment industry. Zhengzhou garment industry development, although only tens of years, but rapid development momentum. By the end of 2011 the city there are more than 2000 kinds of brand clothing manufacturing enterprises, the size of more than 92, employees 350000 people, including 50000 people in the textile industry, clothing production and processing enterprises, 100000 people, clothing circulation of 200000. Clothing enterprise in sales in the city female trousers 200 million, about 50% of the national market similar products, annual production of men's trousers nearly one hundred million, become one of the six men's trousers production base in China. Brand clothing manufacturing enterprise sales income 28 billion yuan, 6. 5 billion yuan of industrial added value, is the first, in six provincial capital in central cities (second only to wuhan 30 billion yuan) In second place. Zhengzhou although have clothing production and processing enterprises, more than 2000, but only 92 enterprises above designated size. Textile and garment enterprises in the city are almost hundreds of thousands of yuan, several million yuan of small and medium-sized enterprises, there are only three of the more than one hundred million yuan, the size of clothing enterprise sales income is 200 million yuan. Clothing enterprises generally small scale, which accounts for less than 2% of the city's industrial, little effect on economy. Clothing grade is low, the lack of well-known brands. Zhengzhou garment overall level is not high, regardless of the men's trousers panty, although large number, but cheap clothing accounts for more than major low value-added products, and processing account for larger proportion, men and women trousers several high-profile brands, a single product trousers profits only 2 to 6 yuan, other brands are nowhere near the margins. Although Chinese female trousers fade in the heart of zhengzhou to see, but in the national famous brand product that is not much, OEM business is not a few, product positioning is not clear, serious product homogeneity, most of the clothing wholesale market and proprietary, chain store sales, shopping malls in near and far is difficult to see.
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