Zhongshan city, guangdong province, central south apparel plaza

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-03-07
Zhongnan apparel plaza is the central property development co. , LTD. Is a strong real estate development enterprises has zhongshan clothing wholesale market, located on the west side, 389 fuhua road, zhongshan city, guangdong province, covers an area of 59756 square meters, construction area of 63412 square meters, the location of more than 1500, mainly engaged in fashion leisure clothing, jeans, leather goods, children's wear, underwear, etc. Zhongnan apparel plaza business circle: sitting on buffalo commercial plaza, longrui small commodity wholesale market, the western suburbs of small commodity market, wan hon trade city, four major professional market mature business circle, and Hong Kong and Macao region form 1 hour economy circle. Absorb the brand clothing agency to join, a comprehensive upgrade zhongshan apparel industry, promote zhongshan apparel trade platform, make the world wealth together! Zhongnan apparel plaza adjacent to 105 national road, zhongshan station, bus station, zhongshan shaxi station, bus station Ann convenient traffic conditions will be two stores at home and abroad and the pearl river delta and closely linked. Zhongnan dress square building with modern architectural style, scientific planning and design, international supporting facilities, from professional logistics fair, allied textile institutions change design exhibition center, business center, brand management institutions, etc. , to 6 big trade bloc. Scientific and reasonable planning of the formats, perfect management pattern, west engine prosperity, the revitalization of industry. Guangdong famous cowboy wholesale market, here in zhongshan each manufacturer cowboy wholesale archives mouths. Into the central south denim market, shorts, pants in crazy jilt goods wholesale, hanging, hanging, piled everything, from 6 to 18 blocks of denim shorts let you fondle admiringly, here, the manufacturer is now more expensive price is around $18 cowboy, without cowboy inventory shorts, 10 yuan also have met are very good, the price of the pants in the around 22 in zhongnan even higher, more than 10 pieces, pieces of all can take the arrival of the goods. Bus route: take 10 12 road 17 18 19 road 1 road, 201 road, 202 road, 203 road, 210 road, 211 road, 216 road, 228 road 25 road 29 2 6 road, 78 road 9 B10 K01 road K11 K995 road to zhongshan bus station to get off to walk 151 meters to take 10 17 road 1 road, 201 road, 202 road, 78 road K01 to zhongshan road bus station ( Buffalo, New York) Get off to walk 170 meters to 78 road, 79 road to the zhongshan bus station, West) Get off to walk 198 meters in 79 to the creek Angle ( South) Get off to walk 291 meters take 10 1 road to stream Angle ( East) Get off to walk 292 meters
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