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by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-16
Pinghu township of the Chinese clothing, Chinese export clothing manufacturing city, China international clothing purchasing industry base, China's luggage. With more than 2000 clothing manufacturing enterprises, annual production about 300 million pieces of clothing, annual output value of 13 billion yuan. All over the world every 100 pieces of brand clothing, would have produced from 1 to the lake! Pinghu clothing export to the domestic trade go hand in hand by a foreign trade business platform! 2 pieces per person per year from 100 million Japanese pinghu clothing, to the people across the country each year 2 pieces of pinghu clothing! 40 square meters pinghu city &qingdao in China big industry and big platform, big business. Service industry in zhejiang province pinghu city &qingdao in China, major projects, pinghu key construction project is located in pinghu north the commercial core area of 2000 mu of market cluster area, the overall planning of project construction by the government of pinghu set up leading group, relying on the powerful pinghu clothing and apparel industry transformation and upgrading of the historical opportunity, haining, doing big pinghu apparel industry at the same time, the project construction become a 'match' haining leather city clothing market leader, haining China leather city, today is tomorrow's pinghu city &qingdao in China! Have excellent land, sea and air three-dimensional traffic network, is the Yangtze river delta urban agglomeration district road network: 01 provincial highway, 07 provincial highway and dotted township road, criss-crossing. Expressway, shanghai-hangzhou, at first glance jia su, HangPu high-speed and the hangzhou bay bridge, and connecting hangzhou, Shanghai, suzhou and ningbo and so on four big cities. Shanghai-hangzhou high-speed railway transportation: pinghu distance large cloud export about 6 kilometers, 29 km away from jiaxing railway station, railway passenger and cargo transportation is quite convenient. Waterway transportation: one of the four ports in zhejiang province zhapu port, 16 routes with Shanghai, hangzhou, suzhou, ningbo and other places are linked together, waterway transportation is very convenient. Airport: from Shanghai pudong airport and hangzhou xiaoshan airport 100 kilometers, 1 hour can be reached, the transportation is very convenient. Pinghu, China garment city by the group to invest in China, market cluster district downtown business core areas xinhua rd, become the main road and the city of peace road intersection, commercial street, surrounded on three sides. Project overall planning a total construction area of 14. 50000 square meters. Project positioning for the global brand clothing distribution center, planning have clothing and transaction center, e-business center, industry and so on six big center, service center, and global brand clothing trading platform, international brand clothing display platform, clothing brand incubation platform, international brand clothing e-commerce platform, such as 'top ten' platform, for global enterprises and purchasers and supporting industry to build a set of brand display, clothing wholesale trading, order, regional agents, franchise chain, online trading and other patterns in the integration of the global brand clothing trading platform.
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