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by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-15
1. Shandong zibo paper studied garment city is located in zibo city of shandong zibo paper studied garment city, is an established garment city was built in 1989. The total area 310000 square meters, the market construction area of 370000 square meters, the annual turnover of more than 100 one hundred million yuan, the market continuously by the National Bureau of Statistics professional market is one of the top ten national clothing. Shandong zibo paper studied garment city rising mode of operation, in order to build the national first-class market as the goal, complete the rebuilding and expansion of existing market management facilities. In order to adapt to the current market demand, a modern logistics and information platform of online trading has been made, with 'garment city network real-name' information center put into use. 2. Zibo zibo yiwu commodity city, yiwu small commodity city is the shandong region's largest and highest level of modernization in the wholesale market, mall, the main business: clothing, knitting, bedding, toys, stationary, tourist souvenirs, gifts, accessories, hardware appliances, electronic watches and clocks, cosmetics, bags, daily provisions, furniture, fusi, tea, shoes etc. Nearly 50000 varieties of products. Suitable for various levels of consumer life, the production needs. Retail goods full of beautiful things in eyes, everything, engaged in and the characteristics of the inexpensive, complete and orderly trading environment, urban and rural areas, and the length of the passenger and cargo traffic, attracted a day on average 20000 & # 8211; More than 30000 people, the holiday 50000 & # 8211; More than 60000 people, both in and outside of passenger flow, has produced good commercial atmosphere. Market adopted is famous all over the world, the nation's largest small commodity distribution center - — Yiwu China commodity city of operation, management, service and development of scientific mode and the work ethic. Can have a carefully nurtured, rapid ascension, the steady development of market professional diligent management service team. 3. Zibo Shanghai clothing wholesale city of zibo clothing wholesale city located in the heart of the paper studied costume city, covers an area of about 4000 square meters, construction area of about 24000 square meters. On the first floor for brand men's wear; Fashion women's clothing on the second floor; On the third floor quality trousers; On the fourth floor boutiques. Shanghai clothing wholesale city, the city will be built paper studied clothing biggest clothing wholesale city mall.
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