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how it all began

Hongyu was established in 2003 to help and serve the clothing production needs of independent fashion brands or start-up designers.

We handle the entire supply chain process, from purchasing fabrics and accessories, creating samples, adding logos, bulk clothing production, packaging, quality control evaluations, and arranging product delivery.

Most importantly, we treat each project as a partnership, where quality and the pleasure of seeing ideas come true are the most important.

We believe that anyone withcreative ideas can create their own fashion brand with us.

So far, we have cooperated with customers from all over the world to launch and develop their fashion businesses and brands.



Our factory starts custom clothing service since 2003, Daily production up to 10000 pieces. 



Helped 1000+ clothing brand start and grow their business, bring the design or sketch to life.



Your designs will not be shown to any of our other clients, and we have strict rules against use of our client’s designs.


kiki qi

“My parents founded this garment factory in 2003 and named it Hongyu. Like most Chinese factories, initially we only made orders for big international brands and only provided sewing services. The brand would provide physical samples. Find fabric accessories by yourself and be responsible for transportation, etc.

I graduated from university in 2014 and start work here. I have always hoped that we will not only provide labor but provide more help for clothing brands. At this time, Internet information has developed rapidly. I met some fashion designers on Facebook, who want to create their own fashion collection, but can’t afford big order quantities when startup, also don’t know how to find a good clothing manufacturer and start cooperation.

I decided at the time that I would help them, whether you are a designer, a small start-up brand, or a college student, who loves the clothing industry. Hongyu factory will help you grow together. Find the fabric you need, turn your sketch into actual samples, turn your unique design into reality, add your brand logo to the product, and solve the transportation problem for you.

In addition to clothing, we have also expanded our product line and added factories such as bags, hats, and shoes to meet all your brand production needs. so the brand can use most of the time spent on designing products and promoting brands, Hongyu will be your best clothing manufacturer partner”

communication is key

personal service

Service Team

In the cooperation with Hongyu, each client has his own dedicated service manager, who will confirm the details of samples and orders with you. In order to avoid confusion, there is usually only one person to communicate with you, but behind him is our strong team. Problems will be solved for you.

Production Team

Hongyu often organizes production teams and their families to travel together. We are very kind to our employees, Everyone is happy to work here.

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