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Custom T Shirt Manufacturer

 Unique. Unapologetic. HongyuApparel. Custom T Shirts from Hongyuapparel allows fashion labels to create their own unique custom tshirts . Your customers are bored with the same old thing they can get everywhere. Give them a new fit and a new look they won’t see anywhere else!

Custom Tshirts make your brand stand out!

You need a custom t shirt manufacturer for your fashion label or when you’re a retailer with a need for unique products, then you’ll find that custom t-shirts offer a competitive edge over the same old common tees that everyone else has easy access to. A unique product can provide you with an essential unique selling point.

T-shirts are one of those things that seem simple, but are far more complex than they appear. In fact, the fit and finish of a shirt is often more crucial to its look than a graphic. With so many small details to consider, it’s always best to work with a custom t-shirt manufacturer who can help you make your vision a reality.

In addition to the graphic that goes on the back or front of your t-shirt, there are other elements to consider as well. Things like the collar, shoulder, sleeve length and shape all make a difference in how the shirt looks on you. The length of the shirt makes a difference too, allowing you to create either a sporty or casual look.

Manufacturing your own custom t-shirts allows you full control over all these various variables and allows you to have a custom shirt profile that is all your own. And because there are so many subtle details to consider, it’s always best to work with a custom t-shirt manufacturer who can help you make your vision a reality.

HongyuApparel not only custom your t shirt, also make Sportswear, Swimwear, Hat, Handbag


t shirt manufacturer

Start Your T Shirt Order in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Design: Simply email us a design or picture of the clothes.
  2. Confirm all details of the T-shirt, like the shape and fit, size measurement, Fabric like cotton, polyester, bamboo fiber, blended fabric.
  3. Printing or embroidery: use printing or embroidery for designed logo or pattern. For sure, you also can choose plain T-shirt.
  4. Sampling: produce the sample and send it to you after finished, to check the detail and quality.
  5. Quotation: Based on the sample and your requirements like the final quantity(MOQ 300 Pcs/Item/Color).
  6. A mass production run will begin once you make an initial payment. We’ll send you photos before packaged and delivery.

T-shirt For OEM – (Customized)

Our standard Blank T-shirt

Hongyu is a blank Tshirt manufacturer to help start new clothing business.

We offer small MOQ 100 pieces for blank t shirts, and allow for mixing colors and sizes. We can also flexibility to customize your logo on the product.