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Hoodie Fabric French terry, Fleece, and Spacer fabric Read more
Acrylic Fabric Acrylic fabric is soft, lightweight, and durable, making it perfect for cozy sweaters and blankets.
Bamboo Fabric Bamboo fabric is breathable, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly, offering a silky smooth feel against the skin.
Brocade Fabric Brocade fabric features detailed patterns woven into its surface, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any garment or décor.
Canvas Fabric Canvas fabric is rugged, sturdy, and versatile, ideal for durable bags, tents, and sturdy workwear.
Chambray Fabric Chambray fabric is lightweight, breathable, and casual, perfect for relaxed shirts and comfortable summer attire.
Chiffon Fabric Chiffon fabric is delicate, sheer, and flowing, creating elegant drapes and ethereal garments for special occasions.
Corduroy Fabric Corduroy fabric is plush, ribbed, and cozy, adding texture and warmth to jackets, pants, and home furnishings.
Crepe Fabric Crepe fabric is lightweight, textured, and subtly crinkled, which makes it flow beautifully for fancy dresses and tops.
Fleece Fabric Fleece fabric is soft, warm, and cozy, providing excellent insulation for jackets, blankets, and cold-weather accessories.
Crochet Fabric Crochet fabric is intricate, openwork, and breathable, perfect for lightweight tops and accessories with a handmade charm.
Cupro Fabric Cupro fabric is soft, breathable, and luxurious, with a silky feel and excellent drape, ideal for elegant blouses and dresses.
Denim Fabric Denim fabric is rugged, durable, and versatile, perfect for casual jeans, jackets, and timeless fashion staples.
Dobby Fabric Dobby fabric is characterized by small geometric patterns, adding subtle texture and interest to garments and home textiles.
Double Weave Fabric Double weave fabric, with two layers interlaced, creates a thicker, reversible textile perfect for jackets, coats, and structured garments.
Drill Fabric Drill fabric is sturdy, durable, and tightly woven, making it ideal for workwear, uniforms, and heavy-duty apparel.
Gabardine Fabric Gabardine fabric is durable, tightly woven, and wrinkle-resistant, making it ideal for tailored suits, trousers, and outerwear with a polished finish.
Gauze Fabric Gauze fabric is lightweight, sheer, and airy, perfect for breathable summer clothing, curtains, and medical dressings.
Georgette Fabric Georgette fabric is lightweight, sheer, and subtly crinkled, ideal for elegant dresses, blouses, and scarves with a graceful drape.
Gingham Fabric Gingham fabric is characterized by checkered patterns, often in two colors, creating a classic and timeless look for shirts, dresses, and home décor.
Interlock Fabric Interlock fabric is double-knit, smooth, and stretchy, providing excellent drape and comfort for activewear, loungewear, and fitted garments.
Jacquard Fabric Jacquard fabric features intricate woven patterns, adding texture and dimension to clothing, upholstery, and decorative textiles.
Jersey Fabric Jersey fabric is soft, stretchy, and comfortable, perfect for casual t-shirts, dresses, and activewear with a relaxed fit.
Lace Fabric Lace fabric is delicate, intricate, and sheer, adding a touch of elegance and romance to dresses, lingerie, and bridal attire.
Leather Fabric Leather is a durable and flexible material made from animal skins, commonly used for jackets, bags, shoes, and furniture due to its strength.
Linen Fabric Linen fabric is lightweight, breathable, and crisp, perfect for summer clothing and casual home textiles with a relaxed, natural look.
Lurex Fabric Lurex fabric is woven with metallic threads, adding sparkle and shine to garments and accessories for a glamorous touch.
Mesh Fabric Mesh fabric is lightweight, breathable, and open-knit, offering ventilation and a sporty aesthetic for activewear, lingerie, and breathable layers.
Microfiber Polyester Fabric Microfiber polyester fabric, smooth and lightweight, wicks moisture away, ideal for athletic wear, activewear, and quick-drying garments.
Modal Fabric Modal fabric is soft, breathable, with a silky feel and excellent moisture absorption, perfect for underwear, loungewear, and flowy dresses.
Muslin Fabric Muslin fabric is lightweight, plain-woven, and breathable, perfect for garments, quilting, and home decor.
Neoprene Fabric Neoprene fabric is thick, durable, and water-resistant, often used in wetsuits, athletic gear, and laptop sleeves for protection.
Nylon Fabric Nylon fabric, lightweight and strong, dries quickly, perfect for activewear, swimwear, and high-performance outerwear.
Organza Fabric Organza fabric is sheer, lightweight, and crisp, perfect for elegant overlays, bridal gowns, and decorative accents with a delicate quality.
Oxford Fabric Oxford fabric is durable, tightly woven, and slightly coarse, ideal for casual shirts, sturdy bags, and upholstery with a classic, textured appearance.
PBT Fabric PBT fabric, stretchy and lightweight, wicks moisture away, ideal for athletic wear, swimwear, and activewear, maintaining excellent shape.
Pima Cotton Fabric Pima cotton fabric is soft, luxurious, and boasts long fibers, ideal for premium shirts, bedding, and garments with a smooth, silky feel.
Pique Fabric Pique fabric, textured and durable, showcases a waffle-like pattern, often found in polo shirts, sportswear, and casual apparel.
Plain Weave Fabric Plain weave fabric is simple, balanced, and versatile, perfect for garments and home textiles, offering durability and easy care.
Plush Fabric Plush fabric is soft, dense, and velvety, providing luxurious warmth and comfort in blankets, stuffed toys, and cozy apparel.
Pongee Fabric Pongee fabric is lightweight, smooth, and wrinkle-resistant, commonly used in outerwear, linings, and lightweight apparel.
Ponte Fabric Ponte fabric is stable, stretchy, and smooth, with a double-knit construction, perfect for structured garments like pants, skirts, and dresses.
Poplin Fabric Poplin fabric is lightweight, tightly woven, with a smooth surface, perfect for shirts, dresses, and casual wear with a polished finish.
PU Leather Fabric PU leather mimics real leather, offering durability and water resistance. Popular in bags, jackets, and upholstery for its affordability and versatility.
Rayon Fabric Rayon fabric is soft, lightweight, breathable, and smooth-textured, ideal for flowing dresses, blouses, and linings, offering a luxurious feel.
Rib Knit Fabric Rib knit fabric, stretchy and textured with vertical ribs, is commonly used in cuffs, collars, and trim for its elasticity and shape retention.
Ripstop Fabric Ripstop fabric is lightweight, durable, and tear-resistant, ideal for outdoor gear, tents, and backpacks.
Satin Fabric Satin fabric is smooth, shiny, and luxurious, with a glossy surface and a soft, flowing drape, perfect for elegant evening gowns, lingerie, and formal attire.
Silk Fabric Silk fabric is smooth, lustrous, and luxurious, with a soft, flowing drape and natural sheen, ideal for elegant dresses, blouses, and high-end lingerie.
Seersucker Fabric Seersucker fabric is lightweight, puckered, and breathable, ideal for summer suits, shirts, and casual attire with a relaxed, textured look.
Slub Fabric Slub fabric is textured, with irregularly thick and thin areas, adding depth and interest to garments and home textiles for a casual, rustic look.
Suede Fabric Suede fabric is soft, plush, and velvety, resembling leather with a napped surface, used in jackets, shoes, and upholstery for its luxurious feel.
Taslan Fabric Taslan fabric is durable, water-resistant, and quick-drying, commonly used in outdoor and activewear for its performance properties and rugged appeal.
Tencel Fabric Tencel fabric is soft, breathable, eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, ideal for comfortable clothing, bedding, and drapery with a smooth feel.
Tricot Fabric Tricot fabric is smooth, stretchy, and tightly knit, commonly used in sportswear, lingerie, and swimwear for its elasticity and comfort.
Tweed Fabric Tweed fabric is textured, durable, and coarse, ideal for tailored jackets, skirts, and outerwear with a timeless, classic look.
Twill Fabric Twill fabric, durable and diagonal woven with a rib pattern, common in pants, jackets, and workwear for strength and flexibility.
Velour Fabric Velour fabric, plush and soft, resembling velvet with a rich pile, is used in loungewear, upholstery, and eveningwear for its luxurious feel.
Velvet Fabric Velvet fabric is luxurious, soft, and plush, with a dense pile creating a rich texture, ideal for formal dresses, upholstery, and decorative accents.
Viscose Fabric Viscose fabric is smooth, lightweight, breathable, with a silky feel, ideal for comfortable clothing, drapery, and linings with a luxurious touch.
Voile Fabric Voile fabric is lightweight, sheer, and airy, with a smooth, crisp finish, commonly used in curtains, dresses, and scarves for its delicate appearance.
Wool Fabric Wool fabric is warm, soft, and insulating with natural moisture-wicking properties, ideal for coats, sweaters, and blankets in cold weather.
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