Hongyu Private Label Clothing Manufacturer provides you with high-quality labels

We can meet various types of private label clothing requirements. We have focused on private label manufacturing for many years. Our customers include private labels from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. We bring all the brand’s wonderful and amazing clothing ideas to life so that the brand has unique clothing styles to present to consumers.

Hongyu Apparel has the best quality custom clothing services. We do not only purchase fabrics according to your requirements, but also provide complete manufacturing services, from confirmation of samples to mass production, customized labels and packaging, and even final logistics. Therefore, after you confirm the order with us, you only need to wait for the final product to be delivered directly to your door.

With the development of information globalization and modernization, people’s needs for clothing are becoming more and more diversified. Everyone no longer likes similar big-brand clothing and is increasingly pursuing individuality and unique clothing brands. This has given birth to a new In the category of high-end clothing brands, more and more thoughtful designers have created their private label clothing brands.

private label clothing manufacturer
private label clothing manufacturer

Find leading private label apparel manufacturers for your brand

It is especially important to find a reliable private label clothing manufacturer. Make sure that they have a good service team and are willing to patiently communicate with you about the design; confirm that they have good pattern technology that can perfectly present your design drawings; and are willing to follow your requirements Modify and adjust the design until you think the work is perfect. Hongyu is such a manufacturer, focusing on serving its own clothing brands, whether it is a big brand or a brand that has just started.

In addition, our customized products are very diverse. From skirts, hoodies, T-shirts to trousers, leggings, jackets, hats, everything, we can handle all kinds of clothing products and private label manufacturing requirements. Our professional team is ready to provide you with support so that you will never feel left out, and update regularly when your order reaches the completion stage. With us, you can devote all your time to design and brand promotion! “

Custom Private Labels

MOQ 1000 pieces

Private label clothing brands will definitely use unique labels to highlight the uniqueness of their brands. Brand information includes the brand name, logo, and size. Custom labels make products unique and easier for customers to remember your brand.

In Hongyu Apparel Manufacture, we are offering custom woven labels, satin labels, and cotton labels for your private label clothing brands, but we will also sew them onto your clothes without any additional sewing costs. The label is usually sewn on the back collar of the product, or wherever you like.

Hongyu private label manufacturer produces high-quality labels that will make your brand clothing more recognizable. Label customization includes choice of material, colors, font, and label size. The minimum output is 1000 labels. We will keep them for your brand future orders of private label apparel manufacturing, and we can also ship you the labels separately when needed. 

Custom Private Handtags

MOQ 1000 pieces

Private label clothing manufacturing hang tags are a great way to promote and market your clothing brand. Hongyu Clothing can help you customize the tag, from design to production, all the work is done under one roof, according to your logo design and printing, or if you want to add your email website on it, we can make different sizes and Color makes your brand unique and professional.

At Hongyu Apparel, we can manufacture tags of any size and shape for you, and you can choose high-quality tag printing of ropes of different materials. The minimum production volume is 1000 tags. We will keep them for you in preparation for future orders for your own brand clothing manufacturing. If needed, we can also send the label to you. “

private label clothing manufacturer

Custom Care Labels

Hongyu Apparel normally use satin material for care label. We can write the fabric composition on your washing label, and the way to wash the clothing. you can also add your private lable clothing Logo on it.

private label clothing manufacturer

Custom Size Labels

Choose different material for your size label, S M L...Or 6 8 10 12...Or any other design you want , make them match your logo lables, help you easy recognize different size of your clothing.

Custom Packaging

We use blank plastic bags by default, but we provide customized logo package service, packaging bags of different sizes or materials, make the brand more professional with your logo.


We have all the clothing trims you need, like buttons patches lace ect. also fashion hats and bags. everything you need just contact us, make your designs unique, let’s bring your ideas to life.