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Clothing Pattern Maker

Since established in 2003, Hongyu Apparel has cooperated with many designers and fashion brands to develop new collections of samples every quarter for them. We have our own clothing pattern maker team, can make all kinds of samples, such as menswear, womenswear, kidswear, swimwearsportswear, T-Shirt, Hoodie, etc. and some accessories like hats, socks, bags.

Our clothing pattern maker can refer to your design draft, or the completed technical package, or any reference clothing you provide to make samples for you. Our sample production room is equipped with a full range of industrial sewing machines, including single needle, overlock, flatlock, and buttonhole machines, etc.

As a sustainable clothing manufacturer, we will purchase all eco-friendly fabrics and accessories for you. and We know that communication is the key to a working relationship that produces good results, so we provide video call meetings for sample development discussions, as well as videos of the final samples

Sample development schedule
During the sewing of your samples, our service manager will update the progress of the samples in time. At present, any sample development project needs 1-2 weeks from the date we confirm all design details and materials with you. our clothing pattern maker need 2-3 days to make a sewing pattern for your design, and for some print or embroidery designs, sample time will be longer, we need 3-5 days at least to print or embroider, depending on the final design to make.

The sample fee should be paid in full before starting and is non-refundable. If our sample is made and you are very dissatisfied, we can modify the sample for you for free, and then send it out until you are satisfied. (If it is your subjective modification, we may charge additional fees for some changes)

Competitive price/ethical values
As an ethical clothing manufacturer, we pay employees such as clothing pattern maker higher wages and benefits than the local average and provide board and lodging. Promote economic development through ethical business behaviors and realize an economic model that benefits both employees, companies, and customers.

The bulk order price will update after the sample is approved, here are 4 factors that could lead to a different price:

1. Order Quantity – We require a MOQ of 300 units.
2. Quantities per Size/Color –At least 100 pieces per color, too many sizes may increase the cost
3. Textile / Fabric Composition – Different fabric different price, that will also lead to different final product price 
4. Product quality – The more elaborate a design is in terms of stitching / accessories / buttons the higher the cost per unit

4-steps To Successful Sample Making :

clothing pattern maker

1. Project Discussion

Our team will discuss your ideas with you and advise on fabrications and suitable printing methods to develop the technical drawings and tech packs that will bring your ideas onto paper and to life.

clothing pattern maker

2. Fabrics & Trims Sourcing

We work with many local fabric suppliers to provide different fabrics, trims, notions, buttons and zippers for your designs. Custom fabrications, dye, trims and notions options are also available.

clothing pattern maker

3. Pattern & Sewing

Our clothing pattern maker and highly experienced workforce High-speed to make one sample. Making the samples close to perfect, Every detail always correct and track clients demand.

clothing pattern maker

4. QC of Samples

After samples are made, our product development team will check the samples for consistency and if they are good to be go. Also will send u videos before ship, and fix it if any problem

What's next?

If you are satisfied with the samples, we can go ahead with Bulk Order Production.

Make Private Labels & Tags for your brand collection.

Choose the Best Shipping Method for your packages.

Take pictures of your products.