Top 7 Hoodie Manufacturers in China

  By Kiki       February 14, 2024

Seeking the best hoodie manufacturers in China for your clothing line? Navigating the broad landscape of Chinese apparel production can be daunting, but identifying key players is crucial for your business success.

As an expert in the global clothing industry, my focus is on uncovering and presenting the finest manufacturing options. My insights are informed by comprehensive research and a deep understanding of the demands and intricacies of the apparel market.

My thorough exploration of hoodie manufacturers in China revealed that Hongyu Apparel shines brightest. Their perspective is tailored to meet the dynamic needs of modern clothing lines.

In this review, I will guide you through the top 7 hoodie manufacturers in China. You’ll gain insights into their production capabilities, commitment to quality, and unique attributes that set them apart as leaders in the industry.

Keep reading to discover your next business league.

1. Hongyu Apparel – Best for Overall

Country & City: China

Established Date: 2003

Hongyu Apparel stands out in the clothing industry for its dedication to independent fashion brands and startup designers. Their expertise in large-scale apparel manufacturing, encompassing every stage of the production process. This comprehensive approach ensures a seamless and quality-centric experience for clients.

Key Products: Hoodies and Swimwear

Take Away Note:

Hongyu Apparel is the best choice for businesses seeking a full-spectrum manufacturing partner. Their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction positions them as a leading collaborator in the fashion industry.

2. Yufenglin Garment Co., Ltd. – Best for Sportswear and Yoga Wear

Country & City: Dongguan, China

Established Date: 2004

Yufenglin Garment Co., Ltd. has become a pivotal player in the sportswear and yoga wear sector. Their specialized focus on high-quality apparel items like leggings, shorts and sports bras sets them apart. The company’s expertise in sportswear makes them a preferred manufacturer for fitness and sports apparel.

Key Products: Yoga leggings and Hoddies

Take Away Note:

Yufenglin Garment Co., Ltd. is perfectly suited for businesses focusing on sportswear and yoga apparel, offering a specialized product range with a reliable commitment to quality. However, their niche expertise may not align with brands seeking a more diverse apparel selection.

 3. Alisman Garment Factory – Best for Apparel Customization

Country & City: Zhongshan, China

Established Date: 1999

Alisman Garment Factory has evolved into a leader in the production of sweatshirts and hoodies. Their ability to cater to both large-scale brands and smaller, niche fashion companies showcases their versatility. Its commitment to producing high-quality products is matched by their capacity to innovate and adapt to new trends in hoodie fashion.

Key Products: Hoodies and Fashion Sweatshirts

Take Away Note:

Alisman Garment Factory is the top choice for brands seeking tailored hoodie and sweatshirt designs, boasting large-scale and small-batch production capabilities. However, their specialized focus on sweatshirts and hoodies might limit options for those seeking a broader product range.

4. Finch Garment Co., Ltd. – Best for High-End Garment Research and Design

Country & City: Guangzhou, China

Established Date: 2005

Finch Garment Co., Ltd. has been a frontrunner in high-end garment research and design. Their commitment to product quality is considered the cornerstone of their value system, a philosophy that has garnered international recognition. The company excels in delivering products that embody innovation and quality, with their team of top-level designers and skilled craftsmen.

Key Products: Hoodies and Kids Clothes

Take Away Note:

Finch Garment Co., Ltd. is ideal for businesses seeking expertise in high-end garment research and innovative designs. However, their specialized focus on the high-end market may not align with brands targeting mid-range or budget segments.

5. Lezhou Garment Factory – Best for Leisure Athletic Wear Craftmanship

Country & City: China

Established Date: 2004

Lezhou Garment Factory specializes in a wide range of custom clothing, with a particular emphasis on leisure athletic and street wears. Their experience in garment manufacture is reflected in their one-stop customized service approach, from fabric sourcing to finished product. Its ability to swiftly complete samples and bulk orders further cements their reputation as a reliable manufacturer in the clothing industry.

Key Products: Streetwear items and Hoodies

Take Away Note:

Lezhou Garment is perfectly suited for brands focusing on athletic and streetwear, offering rapid turnaround and innovative designs. However, their proximity to major markets may not be as advantageous for brands with specific, localized material requirements.

6. Yihao Clothing Co., Ltd. – Best for Affordable Fashion Manufacturing

Country & City: Dongguan, China

Established Date: 1999

Yihao Clothing Co., Ltd. has carved a niche in the European and American fashion markets with their expertise in affordable fashion manufacturing. Their focus on OEM solutions caters specifically to small businesses and emerging brands, addressing the challenges faced during the growth phase. They incorporate cutting-edge technology into their processes, ensuring a modern manufacturing techniques and efficiency.

Key Products: Hoodies and Women’s Business Wear

Take Away Note:

Yihao Clothing Co., Ltd. is an excellent choice for emerging brands seeking quality manufacturing on a budget. However, their focus on affordable solutions may not meet the needs of luxury or high-end fashion brands.

7. Appareify – Best for Comprehensive Manufacturing Services

Country & City: China

Established Date: 2017

Appareify has quickly risen to fame as a provider of comprehensive manufacturing services for the clothing industry. Their dedication to quality and client satisfaction is the foundation of their success, a principle that has attracted partnerships with major brands worldwide. Its state-of-the-art production facilities and extensive sourcing network enable them to offer superior quality products at competitive prices.

Key Products: Hoddies and Sweatsuit

Take Away Note:

Appareify is ideal for companies looking for a range of high-quality manufacturing services. However, their broad focus may not provide the level of specialization sought by niche or boutique brands.

4 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Hoodie Manufacturer in China

DataIntelo reported that the global hoodie market is poised to grow CAGR of 5.5% by 2018 – 2030. This surge highlights the increasing demand and opportunity in the hoodie segment. Here are the tips to guide you when choosing a Chinese hoodie manufacturer:

This table underscores the strategic benefit of partnering with manufacturers that provide 200-500 units MOQs.

Aspect Description
Flexibility Lower MOQs provide the flexibility to experiment with different designs, colors, and sizes without committing to large inventory volumes, reducing financial risk.
Experimentation Enables brands to test the market with new products or limited editions, allowing for a more dynamic and responsive product strategy.
Lower Initial Investment Ideal for businesses with limited capital, as it requires a smaller upfront investment for production, facilitating easier entry into the market or expansion of product lines.
Inventory Management Simplifies inventory management by reducing the risk of overstocking, thereby minimizing storage costs and potential waste.

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Selecting the right hoodie manufacturer is essential to the success of your clothing line, as this guide has illustrated through its exploration of China’s top manufacturers. These insights will help you make informed decisions, ensuring quality, efficiency, and alignment with your brand values.

For businesses seeking a top-tier hoodie manufacturer, Hongyu Apparel stands out with its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to explore more options to elevate your brand.


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