Top 7 Knitwear Manufacturers for Your Brand

  By Kiki       February 19, 2024

Are you in search of an ideal knitwear manufacturer that will boost your fashion brand? Selecting the right manufacturing partner is crucial in defining the quality and appeal of your knitwear collection.

Utilizing extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of fashion production, we provide valuable insights that help brands navigate the complexities of knitwear manufacturing.

After exploring 7 leading knitwear manufacturers, we found that Hongyu Apparel excels in various aspects of knitwear manufacturing, setting a high standard for others in the industry.

In this guide, we will take you through a comprehensive review of these manufacturers, highlighting their unique strengths and offerings in the knitwear sector.

Read on to identify the manufacturer that best suits your brand!

1. Gianangeli Knitwear Factory – Best for High-End Brands

Country & City: Perugia, Italy

Established Date: 1944

Gianangeli is a renowned high-end knitwear manufacturer in the textile industry. With a rich history and a wide archives of stitches and prototypes, they provide creative design and product development support. Known for blending traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, they are a top choice for luxury brands looking for ‘Made in Italy’ quality.

Key Products: Men’s Knitwear and Women’s Knitwear

Takeaway Note:

Gianangeli is the ideal choice for luxury brands looking for customized and high-quality knitwear with their extensive archives and expertise in traditional Italian craftsmanship. However, their focus on luxury knitwear might limit versatility for brands looking to cater to a more diverse customer base with varied style preferences.

2. M.M. Knitwear Ltd. – Best for Innovation

Country & City: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Established Date: July 2001

M.M. Knitwear Ltd. is a leading knitwear manufacturer known for large-scale production and quality commitment. They are a reliable choice for global brands and boutiques, excelling in sustainability and employee-centric practices. Their focus on fast fashion and adherence to international standards set them apart in the industry.

Key Products: Pants and Tops

Takeaway Note:

M.M. Knitwear is the go-to manufacturer for businesses aiming to produce large volumes of fast fashion items. But, their focus in this area may not meet the needs of luxury or specialized market brands that require more detailed craftsmanship in unique and timeless designs.

3. Hongyu Apparel – Best for Overall

Country & City: Guangdong, China

Established Date: 2003

Hongyu Apparel is dedicated to supporting emerging start-ups in the fashion industry. With an extensive approach covering fabric sourcing to final product delivery, they serve as a comprehensive solution for clothing production needs. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes them an invaluable partner in bringing unique fashion visions to life with precision.

Key Products: Knitwear and Dresses

Takeaway Note:

Hongyu Apparel is ideally suited for emerging designers and independent brands, offering a supportive environment for those beginning their fashion journey. Their comprehensive services make them a valuable partner for small to medium-sized fashion enterprises seeking to bring their creative visions to life efficiently and effectively.

4. Harkened Knitwear – Best for Artisan-Crafted, High-Volume Production

Country & City: Lima, Peru

Established Date: 2015

Harkened Knitwear is a pioneer in ethical and innovative knitwear production in Peru. They combine high-volume manufacturing with artisanal craftsmanship, emphasizing sustainability and ethical sourcing. Their unique approach has not only gained recognition in the industry but also transformed the perception of artisan knitwear in fashion by promoting sustainability and eco-friendly methods.

Key Products: Men’s Knitwear and Women’s Knitwear

Takeaway Note:

Harkened is the go-to manufacturer for brands seeking handcrafted knitwear in large volumes, backed by ethical and sustainable practices. However, their emphasis on handcrafted techniques and sustainable practices might limit the speed of production and scalability for brands requiring quick turnarounds or large-scale manufacturing capabilities.

5. Otago Knitwear – Best for Comprehensive Range and Customization

Country & City: Dunedin, New Zealand

Established Date: 1999

Otago Knitwear has been delivering diverse knitwear products since its beginning, known for high customer satisfaction and utilizing advanced knitting machinery. They stand out for using premium materials like fine merino wool and New Zealand merino possum. They cater to retailers, designers, and wholesalers with services ranging from bulk knitting to garment making.

Key Products: Men’s Knitwear and Women’s Knitwear

Takeaway Note:

Otago Knitwear is ideal for brands seeking high-quality knitwear with customization, through their advanced machinery and diverse materials. For premium knitwear, they’re a trusted source in the industry. Yet, their utilization of premium materials may lead to higher product costs, potentially making them less accessible for brands working with tighter budget limitations.

6. Galaxy Knitwear – Best for Comprehensive Production and Quick Turnaround

Country & City: Leicester, United Kingdom

Established Date: 1994

Galaxy Knitwear has transformed from a men’s knitwear manufacturer to a versatile apparel producer known for quality and adaptability. They excel in fast production with comprehensive services and ethical practices as a Sedex and Fast Forward Member. Their diverse offerings make them a reliable choice for clothing brands and designers.

Key Products: Knitwear and Accessories

Takeaway Note:

Galaxy Knitwear is ideal for businesses needing a fast turnaround without compromising on quality, especially suitable for high street stores and online retailers. However, their focus on rapid production and a broad product range might not align with luxury brands seeking highly specialized or customized knitwear items.

7. Paul James Knitwear – Best for Natural Fiber Knitwear

Country & City: Leicestershire, England

Established Date: 1976

Paul James Knitwear is renowned for its luxury and sustainability in the industry. Committed to 100% natural fiber yarns, they emphasize quality and sustainability while globally sourcing materials. Utilizing decades of expertise and modern techniques, they create timeless and ethically sourced knitwear with over 95% of production in-house, ensuring quality and integrity.

Key Products: Accessories and Activewear

Takeaway Note:

Paul James Knitwear is ideal for brands prioritizing natural fibers and sustainable practices through their luxury knitwear with strong ethical values. Partnering with them boosts sustainability efforts and appeals to eco-conscious consumers. But, their natural materials and in-house focus might limit scalability and variety for brands needing synthetic options or larger-scale production.

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing Knitwear Manufacturer

Selecting the right manufacturer is a crucial decision for your business’ success considering the projected 5.77% growth in the knitwear market, as reported by LinkedIn. To guide you in confidently selecting a suitable manufacturer for you, here are key tips to remember:

Here’s a table that highlights the benefits of integrating 3D technology in knitwear manufacturing.

Aspect Description
Efficient Prototyping 3D technology speeds up the prototyping process by enabling virtual simulations of designs, reducing the time and resources needed to create physical prototypes.
Design Accuracy Utilizing 3D technology ensures higher accuracy in translating design concepts into actual garments, minimizing errors and revisions during the production phase.
Customization Flexibility Manufacturers using 3D technology can more easily meet unique design demands, offering greater flexibility in customizing knitwear like cardigans to specific customer preferences.
Cost and Time Savings By improving efficiency and reducing the need for multiple physical prototypes, 3D technology integration can lead to significant cost and time savings in the manufacturing process.

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In summarizing the top knitwear manufacturers, it becomes evident that each offers unique strengths and specialties to elevate your apparel line. This review serves as a guide, offering insights to aid in the selection of the most suitable partner for your brand’s specific needs.

For those considering a partnership that combines innovation and quality in knitwear, Hongyu Apparel is a noteworthy manufacturer. Contact us for more information and personalized collaboration.


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