Top 11 Men’s Swimwear Manufacturers

  By Kiki       February 14, 2024

Seeking the best in men’s swimwear manufacturing? The world of fashion manufacturing is wide and varied, but when it comes to high-quality men’s swimwear, there are a few key players that stand out.

With years of industry experience and a keen eye for detail, I bring insights from the exclusive world of fashion manufacturing. My expertise ensures anyone is getting informed and reliable guidance.

In an extensive analysis of men’s swimwear manufacturers, Hongyu Apparel emerges as the leading choice, distinguished for its exceptional quality and design in swimwear production.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll dive into the strengths of these top 11 manufacturers, exploring what sets them apart in this competitive market.

Read on to discover more.

1. Marks & Spencer – Best High-End Brand

Country & City: UK, London

Established Date: 1884

Marks and Spencer has established itself as a hallmark of quality and sophistication in the fashion retail sector. Known for its exceptional clothing lines, including men’s swimwear, it upholds a legacy of innovation and trust. With a global presence, the brand is celebrated for its commitment to ethical trading and sustainable practices, setting high standards in the fashion industry.

Key Products: Swimwear and Suits

Take Away Note:

Marks & Spencer is ideal for retailers and brands seeking premium, high-end swimwear options. Their ethical and sustainable approach adds value, though their premium pricing may be a consideration for cost-conscious businesses.

2. Arena – Best Innovative Brand

Country & City: Italy, Tolentino

Established Date: 1973

Founded with a strong sports heritage, Arena has become a pioneer in innovative swimwear. Drawing inspiration from Olympic-level competition, their products are designed for optimal performance, style, and comfort. Their commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing aligns with modern sustainable practices, offering a comprehensive range for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Key Products: Swim Briefs and Jammers

Take Away Note:

Arena is the go-to manufacturer for businesses focused on innovative, performance-oriented swimwear. While they lead in technical advancements, their niche focus might not align with all fashion trends or consumer markets.

3. Hongyu Apparel – Best Overall

Country & City: China, Guangdong

Established Date: 2003

Hongyu Apparel excels in the global clothing industry, particularly in men’s swimwear. They offer high-quality production, diverse styles, and customization options for a wide range of clients, including independent designers and established brands. Additionally, they have a low minimum order quantity (MOQ), making them a resourceful choice for every swimwear needs.

Key Products: Swimwear and Sleepwear

Take Away Note:

Hongyu Apparel is the perfect choice for businesses seeking quality, variety, and flexibility in men’s swimwear manufacturing. Their flexibility in handling orders of all sizes sets them apart in the market, ensuring all swimwear needs are met with excellence.

4. Bali Swim – Best for Low Minimum Production

Country & City: Indonesia, Bali

Established Date: 1990s

Bali Swim is a leader in low-minimum-production swimwear manufacturing, working with a wide range of brands from startups to established names globally. Their commitment to innovation is obvious in their use of eco-friendly materials and modern manufacturing processes. With over 2 decades of experience, they excel in offering customizable designs and a transparent factory policy, showcasing their dedication to quality.

Key Products: Swimwear and Plus Size Swimwear

Take Away Note:

Ideal for startups and smaller brands, Bali Swim offers flexibility with low minimum orders and eco-friendly options. However, their specialization in lower production runs might not suit larger businesses with high-volume demands.

5. Brinell – Best for Diverse Range

Country & City: Canada, Vancouver

Established Date: 1983

Brinell stands out for its wide range of men’s swimwear, combining style, comfort, and innovation. With various certifications like ISO 9001 and WRAP, they adhere to high standards in manufacturing. Their commitment to creating new trends and high-quality garments is clear in their seasonal collections. It is not just a manufacturer but a trendsetter in the men’s fashion industry, especially in swimwear and casual wear.

Key Products: Swimwear and Sweatpants

Take Away Note:

Brinell is an excellent choice for brands seeking a wide range of high-quality swimwear styles. Their strict adherence to standards is appealing. Yet, their focus on trendsetting designs might not align with brands looking for more classic or timeless pieces.

6. Speedo – Best for Performance Swimwear

Country & City: UK, Nottingham

Established Date: 1928

With a legacy dating back decades ago, Speedo has become synonymous with high-performance swimwear. Their innovation-driven approach has led to numerous industry firsts, making them a preferred choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Their commitment to enhancing the swimming experience with advanced materials and design is unmatched, reflecting their deep understanding of the sport.

Key Products: Swimwear and Swimming Goggles

Take Away Note:

Speedo is perfect for businesses targeting the athletic and fitness-oriented swimwear market. While they excel in performance swimwear one flaw to find is that their niche focus may not cater to casual or fashion-focused consumers.

7. Vilebrequin – Best for Luxury Swimwear

Country & City: USA, New York

Established Date: 1970s

Vilebrequin born from the spirit of St-Tropez, incorporates luxury in swimwear. Their collections are a celebration of casual charm and timeless elegance, with a strong focus on quality and sustainability. Their commitment to the environment and ethical manufacturing practices is as steadfast as their dedication to sophisticated design, making their swimwear not just a product but a statement of luxury and responsibility.

Key Products: Swimwear and Accessories

Take Away Note:

Vilebrequin is ideal for brands seeking luxury swimwear with sustainable ethics. Their love for nature, especially the ocean, is good. Nonetheless, their focus on high-end expensive products might not align with more tight budget markets or mass-market strategies.

8. ES Collection – Best for Lifestyle Swimwear

Country & City: Spain, Barcelona

Established Date: 2006

ES Collection has transformed from a swimwear designer to a comprehensive lifestyle brand. Known for its bold designs and vibrant colors, they stand out in the men’s swimwear market. Their expansion into various men’s fashion categories reflects their understanding of modern lifestyle trends, making them a trendsetter, particularly in the gay fashion sector.

Key Products: Swimwear and Boxers

Take Away Note:

ES Collection is a great choice for brands looking to cater to a lifestyle-focused market with present-day swimwear designs. However, their specific style may not resonate with all demographics or traditional swimwear markets.

9. Bomme Studio – Best for Ethical Fashion

Country & City: California, Los Angeles

Established Date: 2016

Bomme Studio embodies sustainable and ethical fashion with innovative, responsible garment manufacturing. They stand out in the swimwear industry through their use of upcycled fabrics and ethical practices in California. Their commitment to supporting the global community for both fashion and environmental responsibility sets a commendable example.

Key Products: Swimwear and Activewear

Take Away Note:

Bomme Studio is perfect for brands prioritizing ethical production and sustainability in swimwear. Meanwhile, one drawback is that their focus on upcycling and local production might lead to larger costs compared to mass production methods.

10. Lefty Production Co. – Best for Fashion-Forward Swimwear

Country & City: California, Los Angeles

Established Date: 2012

Lefty Production Co. has established a name in fashion manufacturing by working with a variety of high fashion icons and retailers. Their expertise lies in creating trendsetting swimwear that reflects present-day styles and innovations. Their commitment to domestic manufacturing and supporting emerging designers and students in the fashion industry highlights their dedication to the future of fashion.

Key Products: Swimwear and Athletic Wear

Take Away Note:

Lefty Production Co. is ideal for brands seeking cutting-edge, fashion-forward swimwear designs. Their love of fashion and accessories is appealing. Yet, their focus on the latest trends might not cater to markets looking for classic or enduring swimwear styles.

11. Rustan’s – Best for Prestigious Brands

Country & City: Philippines, Metro Manila

Established Date: 1952

Rustan’s, a leader in the Philippine luxury retail sector, has been synonymous with upscale brands and quality merchandise. Their commitment to offering a range of reputable international brands demonstrates their understanding of refined taste and style. Their dedication to innovation and service excellence has made them a go-to destination for high-quality men’s swimwear and other luxury items.

Key Products: Swimwear and Outerwear

Take Away Note:

Rustan’s is an excellent choice for businesses seeking to collaborate with a retailer known for luxury and exclusivity. However, their too much focus on upscale brands may not suit shot-gun marketing or budget-focused swimwear lines.

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing Men’s Swimwear Manufacturers

As reported by GVR, the global men’s swimwear market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 6.4% from 2019 to 2025. With this significant growth, selecting a manufacturer is crucial for your business. To help out, here are some essential tips to consider:

This table underscores the benefits of selecting manufacturers with a focus on ergonomic swimwear designs.

Aspect Description
Built-in Compression Technology Seeking out swimwear that incorporates compression technology, which can improve blood circulation and reduce muscle fatigue, offering a functional benefit to swimmers.
Performance Enhancement Ergonomically designed swimwear, particularly with compression features, can aid in enhancing athletic performance by supporting muscles and reducing drag in the water.
Comfort and Fit Manufacturers that prioritize ergonomic designs often ensure a better fit and increased comfort for the wearer, which is crucial for swimwear that is used for extended periods.
Innovative Features Opting for manufacturers that incorporate innovative features, such as UV protection, quick-dry fabrics, and durability, in addition to ergonomic designs for an enhanced swimming experience.

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For those seeking a reliable and versatile swimwear manufacturing partner, consider Hongyu Apparel. To explore how we can collaborate, feel free to contact us and take your swimwear line to the next level.


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