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With Hongyu Apparel, you can create unique custom private label children’s clothing that will make your fashion label stand out among the rest. Your customers are sick of seeing the same thing everywhere they go; give them something new and different that they won’t be able to find anywhere else!

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Custom Private Label Children's Clothing Manufacturers Make Your Brand Stand Out

  • We Are a ONE-STOP Shop: This means that all processes are finished under one roof. You only have to concentrate on design and marketing, while we take care of the rest.
  • Wide variety of styles available: We have hundreds of fabrics and patterns to choose from, ranging from both classic and modern styles.
  • Customize your size: Choose the size specifically for each body type instead of a usual sizes offered by retailers.
  • Low MOQ: Wholesalers can start with 50 pieces and mix designs, colors, and sizes as they wish, while customized brands usually have to start with 300 pieces per item per color.

How We Make It


Project Planning

Send your tech pack or pic of the design you want. We will assist you in verifying your materials and fitting details. The advice about sample fee, MOQ and estimate bulk price.

Sourcing Materials

We work with local suppliers to acquire high-quality materials and assure that we stay below your specified price points. Lead times may be significantly shortened by choosing in-stock products.

Pattern Making

Work with our expert pattern makers to achieve the features and fit of each style. Patterns are essentially the blueprint for all clothing items.

Sample Making

Our skilled sample makers hand cut and sew your garments with detail and precision. By creating samples of your clothing, we're able to test the fit and functionality before mass production.


You'll have a fitting on the samples so we can know what alterations are needed for your next batch of samples. Thanks to the rich industry experience of our service team, we are confident to finish all revisions within only 1-2 rounds, while other traditional manufacturers may need 5+ rounds to achieve that.


With your sample approved, we can begin pre-production. Placing your purchase order will initiate your first production run.

Fabric Option

Didn't find the fabric options you want? Dont hesitate to contact us.


Would like to know all techniques we are capable of? Contact us for more details.

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hello everyone, I’m Pedro from Spain, I’ve been working with Hongyu just for a couple of months, and I’ve bought all of the tees and hoodies, I must say they are amazing, I love them their client treatment is amazing, and kiki is so nice, they treat u very well, and the quality of the product they manufacture is excellent, in fact, I’m wearing one right now, its oversized wash tee, I truly recommend working with HongyuApparel and I’m very pleased.

Jake Australia

hey everyone, so I work with HongyuApparel, I’ve been working with them for quite a few months now, they’ve been amazing at making really good samples, and we are about to go into production.

I was really struggling on trying to figure out whether I wanted to make this video or not, and the reason for that is, I feel like they are my secret weapon, they’ve just done an amazing job, and they really are a good team to work with!!

Cora-LUVHER BOY United States

i’m Cora Sanfilippo, i work with HongyuApparel, this is the sample that I received, the quality of it is amazing, its super thick its super soft, its amazing quality, we also did puffy screen print on the back, and I was incredibly impressed

they are super good at making any changes that u need. and answering super quickly, I love the quality and the fit and the color, they’ve been super great, showing every single option that you could possibly want in customizing it, so I am super grateful to be work with HongyuApparel!

Why Choose Hongyu


Hongyu Clothes Maker is the perfect solution for all your garment and clothing manufacturing needs. From sample development and bulk production to label printing, delivery of goods — the experts at this factory will take care every step along with you!

We offer wide range of products such as women’s dresses or men’s shirts, sportswear and swimwear — there are many styles available which means that whatever kind clothing design you required, we can easily made it.


We have a team of professionals who will turn your design into reality. With our expertise, you can be assured that each product meets the highest standards for quality and craftsmanship while still maintaining an affordable price point.


With more than 100 clothes makers, we can make any volume of orders, big or small. Our turnaround time is very short, which means that it will grow your business quicker!

We ship all over the world through DHL, FedEx, UPS etc., so you don’t have to worry about anything at hand – just relax while our team takes care of everything.


Bring your design to life with Hongyu’s professional service team. We will check the quality of all stitching, measurements and fabrics used in our products before they are shipped off for delivery so that you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality of products.


Start your own clothing line with 100 pieces per design to save money and pamper customers by giving them more options.

Buyer’s Guide

Private Label Children’s Clothing Manufacturers: A Simple Guide for Start-up Designers

When you’re starting a clothing brand, one of the most important decisions you need to make is which manufacturer to work with. If you’re producing private label children's clothing, your choice is even more critical - after all, if the clothes don't fit right or look good, it'll be reflected in your brand's reputation. Private label children's clothing manufacturers work with designers and brands to produce high-quality custom children's clothing. Many of these manufacturers have years of experience and use the latest technology and fabrics to create garments that meet the highest standards. In this guide, we'll introduce you to private labels in the clothing industry and provide some tips on how to choose the right children’s clothing manufacturer for your business. Let's get started!

1. What Is a Private Label in Clothing Industry?

Private label clothing is any type of apparel that is manufactured for a specific retailer or brand. Unlike brands that create their own designs, private label brands simply order clothes from a manufacturer and put their own logo on them.

The main advantage of private label children’s apparel is that it’s affordable. Because the clothes are made in large quantities, clothing brands can offer them at a lower price than they would if they were selling clothes from their brand. This is especially important for small businesses that don’t have the budget to invest in their manufacturing facility.

You’re in luck if you’ve been clothes shopping wholesale and reselling them in your boutique- private labeling is definitely a thing. By the way, here’s a video explaining what it is if you want to learn more:

2. The Basics in Children’s Clothing

There are a few basics every children’s clothing designer should know before they start their private label. By understanding these things, you’ll be able to create better garments, stay on trend, and avoid any costly mistakes.

Breathable Fabrics

Natural fibers like cotton and linen are ideal for children’s clothing because they are breathable and comfortable to wear. Avoid synthetic fabrics, which can trap heat and cause skin irritation.

Durable Materials

Children are hard on their clothing, so it’s important to choose items that will withstand lots of wear and tear. Denim, canvas, and other sturdy fabrics are ideal for everyday play.

Easy-Care Items

Look for clothing that can be machine-washed and dried, so you can easily keep up with your child’s laundry. Avoid delicate items that require special care. Fabrics such as wool and silk are best left for dressier occasions.

Functional Designs

Children’s clothing should be designed for play, with plenty of room to move. Avoid constricting items like tight jeans or dresses with lots of buttons and zippers. Instead, opt for comfortable styles that your child can easily put on and take off.

Fun Prints and Colors

Children’s clothing doesn’t have to be boring! Fun prints and colors are the most appealing to kids. Look for items that are both stylish and age-appropriate.

Avoid Fussy Details

Keep it simple when it comes to children’s clothing. Avoid garments with lots of embellishments, like sequins or appliques. These can be easily torn off or swallowed, posing a choking hazard. Stick to classic styles that will stand the test of time.

3. Advantages of Private Label in the Children’s Clothing Industry

The custom children’s clothing industry is a highly competitive market. To succeed, businesses need to offer products that are of high quality and design, but that are also affordable. Private label children’s clothing is an excellent way to meet these requirements.

Here are some of the advantages of private labels in the children’s clothing industry:

Increased Control Over Design and Branding

With private label children’s clothing, businesses have increased control over the design and branding of their products. This is because children’s designer clothes suppliers work closely with their clients to create products that meet their specific needs and preferences. As a result, businesses can be sure that their products will reflect their brand identity positively.

Greater Margins and Profitability Potential

Another advantage of private label children’s clothing is that it offers businesses the opportunity to achieve greater margins and profitability. This is because private label manufacturers typically offer their products at lower prices than branded products. In addition, businesses can save on marketing and advertising costs by using private label products.

Enhanced Reputation and Perceived Value

Private label children’s clothing can also help businesses enhance their reputation and perceived value among consumers. This is because private label products are often seen as being of higher quality than generic or store-brand products. As a result, businesses that offer private label products can benefit from increased consumer loyalty and repeat business.

More Flexibility and Freedom

Finally, custom made children’s clothing manufacturers offer businesses more flexibility and freedom when it comes to production, sourcing, and fulfillment. This is because private label manufacturers are not bound by the same strict rules and regulations as branded manufacturers. As a result, businesses can make changes to their products more easily and quickly.

While private label clothing offers many advantages, it also has a few disadvantages. Here are advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Label in the Children’s Clothing Industry
Advantages Disadvantages
Increased Control Over Design and Branding Lower Quality than Branded Clothing
Greater Margins and Profitability Potential Reduced Choice and Variety
Enhanced Reputation and Perceived Value Restricted Fulfillment Options
More Flexibility and Freedom Less Recognition and Visibility Among Consumers

4. Fabric Options for Children’s Clothing

When it comes to private label children’s clothing, the options for fabrics are endless. However, not all fabrics are created equal and some are better suited for specific garments than others. Below is a list of best fabric choices for children’s clothing and a brief description of each:


Cotton is by far the most popular fabric choice for children’s clothing. It is soft, durable, and comfortable and can be used for a variety of different garments including tops, bottoms, dresses, and more. This fabric can be used to make garments for infants, toddlers, and older children alike.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is a great choice for eco-conscious parents who want their children to wear clothing that is free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. This fabric is also extremely soft and comfortable, making it a great choice for children’s clothing. Organic cotton is almost the same as the regular cotton fabric but is a little bit more expensive.


Linen is made from flax fibers and is known for being lightweight and breathable. It is a great choice for summer clothing as it helps to keep kids cool and comfortable. However, linen is not recommended for everyday wear as it wrinkles easily and is not as durable as some other fabrics.


Wool is another popular fabric choice for children’s clothing, especially in the winter months. Wool is warm, durable, and easy to care for, making it ideal for kids’ sweaters, jackets, and other cold-weather gear.


Bamboo is a relatively new fabric choice for children’s clothing but it is quickly gaining popularity due to its many benefits. Bamboo is soft, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin. Additionally, bamboo is naturally antibacterial and odor-resistant, making it ideal for active kids.

5. 5 Clothing Trends for Kids

As a private label children’s clothing manufacturer, it is important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to current trends. Here are five trends that are popular among kids right now:

#1 Character-Themed Clothes

With so many popular cartoon characters around, it’s no surprise that character-themed clothes are still popular with kids. Tap into this trend so kids can show off their favorite characters on their clothes.

#2 Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic t-shirts are also popular among adults and kids alike. Witty slogans and clever designs are a hit with kids of all ages.

#3 Athleisure

The athleisure trend is not just for adults anymore. Kids are also getting in on the trend, with more and more comfortable and stylish athletic clothing for kids hitting the market.

#4 Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are always popular in the spring and summer, and kids’ clothes are no exception. Look for pretty dresses and shirts with floral patterns for girls and shorts and shirts with floral patterns for boys.

#5 Denim

Denim is always a popular choice for kids’ clothing, whether it’s jeans, jackets, or skirts. Look for different washes and styles to offer something for every taste.

6. Starting a Children’s Clothing Line (in Just 6 Easy Steps)

Starting a children’s clothing line may seem like a daunting task, but it can be surprisingly easy to get started. With a little planning and some basic knowledge of the industry, you can launch your line of kids’ clothes in just a few simple steps.

Step#1 Choose a Niche

Are you going to focus on baby clothes, toddler clothes, or clothes for older kids? Once you’ve decided on your target market, you can start to research the competition and figure out what sets your clothes apart.

Step#2 Create a Budget

How much money do you have to work with? This will determine where you source your materials, how many garments you can produce, and what kind of marketing campaigns you can afford.

Step#3 Find a Manufacturer

It’s time to figure out how to find clothing manufacturer who can assist you in bringing your vision to life. If you’re on a tight budget, consider working with a local tailor or seamstress. Otherwise, many online companies offer custom clothing production services.

One clothing manufacturer you may want to check out is Hongyu Apparel. We have over 20 years of experience in the garment industry and offer a wide range of clothing manufacturing services for your needs. Contact us today so we can help you get started with your line of children’s clothes.

Step#4 Design Your Collection

This is the fun part! Whether you sketch out your designs yourself or work with a professional designer, be sure to create a cohesive collection that reflects your brand identity.

Step#5 Production

Now it’s time to produce your garments. This is where your clothing manufacturer comes in. They will take your designs and turn them into actual clothing items.

Step#6 Market and Stay Focused!

Now that your collection is complete, it’s time to start getting the word out there about your new children’s clothing line. Create a stylish website and make use of social media, PR, and advertising to reach your target customers.

Last but not least, remember that starting a children’s clothing line is no easy feat. Be prepared for long hours and hard work, but also enjoy the creative process and the satisfaction that comes from building something from scratch.

7. Cost Associated with Starting a Children’s Clothing Line

As any entrepreneur knows, there are always costs associated with starting a new business. So before you take the plunge and invest your hard-earned money in this exciting but risky venture, it’s important to understand exactly what those costs will be

Design and Manufacturing

The biggest expense you’ll incur when starting a children’s clothing line is likely to be related to design and manufacturing. Since producing high-quality children’s clothes requires specialized equipment and materials, you’ll also need to budget for these costs. Generally speaking, expect to pay anywhere from $2 to $5 per garment for the design and manufacturing.

Marketing and Promotion

Once you’ve got your clothes designed and manufactured, you’ll need to market and promote your brand in order to attract customers. This can be a significant expense, especially if you’re planning on using traditional marketing methods like print or television advertising. Generally speaking, you should budget for at least $1,000 for marketing and promotion.

Other Business Expenses

In addition to the costs above, you’ll also need to factor in other general business expenses such as:

  • Rentals
  • Utility bills
  • Office supplies
  • Professional fees (accountant, lawyer, etc.)
  • Travel expenses
  • Business permits, taxes and licenses

These expenses can quickly add up, so it’s important to factor them into your budget when planning your start-up costs.

While the cost of starting a children’s clothing line can be significant, it’s important to remember that there are ways to minimize those costs. For instance, you can produce small runs of clothes or use lower-cost materials until your business is more established. With some careful planning and a bit of creativity, you can keep your start-up costs to a minimum.

8. Working With a Clothing Manufacturer

If you’re new to private label children’s clothing, then you’re probably wondering how to go about working with a clothing manufacturers for startups. Here are the steps you need to take:

Step#1 Discuss Your Needs

Discuss your needs with the manufacturer. Be sure to explain what you’re looking for in terms of design, fabric, and sizing.

Step#2 Work Together to Create a Prototype

Once you’ve discussed your needs, it’s time to create a prototype. The manufacturer will use your design specifications to create a prototype of the clothing. Be sure to give feedback during this process so that the manufacturer can make any necessary changes.

Step#3 Order a Small Run of Clothing

After you’ve approved the prototype, it’s time to order a small run of clothing. This will help you test the market and see how the clothing sells. It’s also a good way to get started with private-label children’s clothing without making a large investment.

Step#4 Promote Your Clothing Line

Once you’ve received your shipment of clothing, it’s time to start promoting your new line. Use social media, online marketplaces, and fashion boutique stores to get the word out.

Step#5 Keep Communication Open

Private-label children’s clothing is a partnership. To be successful, you need to keep communication open with your manufacturer. This way, you can discuss any changes that need to be made and ensure that your clothing line is on track.

9. Choosing the Right Children’s Clothing Manufacturer

When choosing a children’s clothing manufacturer, there are a few things you need to take into account.


It is important to find a clothing manufacturer that can produce high-quality clothing at a reasonable price. You don’t want to sacrifice quality for affordability, but you also don’t want to overspend on clothing that your customers will only wear a few times.


It is essential that the clothing is of high quality. The manufacturer should have a good reputation for producing quality clothing. You don’t want your customers returning clothes because they are falling apart after only a few washes.


The style of the clothing should be consistent with the style of your other products. You don’t want your customers to be confused about which line of products they are buying. The manufacturer should be able to produce custom clothing in the style that you desire.

Availability of Sizes and Colors

The manufacturer should be able to provide you with a wide range of sizes and colors so that you can appeal to as many customers as possible. Not all children are the same size, and not all parents want their children to wear the same color clothes.

Customer Service

The manufacturer should offer excellent customer service. If there are any problems with the order, or if the clothing arrives late, the manufacturer should be willing to help solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

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10. Conclusion

So, if you’re a start-up designer who wants to get into the children’s clothing market, private label children’s clothing manufacturers should be your first stop. With a little research, you can find the perfect manufacturer for your needs.

Contact us at Hongyu Apparel today to help you get started with your line of children’s clothing. With our 20 years of experience in the garment industry, we are confident that we can provide you with the best possible service. Visit our website to learn more about what we can do for you!

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